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Cisco Capital Puts Unified Communications Within Reach of Any Business-for the Price of a Daily Coffee

Zero percent Financing Makes Productivity-Enhancing Technology Available to Organisations of All Sizes
Nov 05, 2007

LONDON, November 5, 2007 - Cisco® customers will be able to take advantage of new unified communications technologies for a price roughly equivalent to a daily cup of coffee per user as part of a zero-percent finance offer.. The EasyLease:Voice financing package is being offered through Cisco Capital and works out to less than a euro a day for a typical configuration and a minimum of four users.

The Cisco Unified Communications solution is a suite of voice, data and video products and applications designed to help organisations of all sizes to communicate more effectively. It allows customers to integrate their communications system with their information technology (IT) infrastructure, streamlining business processes for the way effective businesses need to work today.

Buying the system through an EasyLease contract will allow Cisco customers to take advantage of the Unified Communications technology, without having to compromise cash flow by paying a lump sum. EasyLease:Voice agreements run for a maximum term of 36 months, subject to terms and conditions, and are available for the financing of systems ranging in price from €1000 to €125,000.

The EasyLease:Voice offer is available in France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom for deals approved and funded before 31 January 2008. Thereafter, standard rates will apply for deals from 1 February 2008. Financing is available for any Cisco Unified Communications system, including up to 30 percent of technology or services from other vendors, provided it includes at least four Cisco handsets and at least 10 percent Cisco hardware by value. EasyLease agreements can include an option that allows customers to upgrade to newer Cisco equipment or software without further capital investment.

Nigel Jenkins, director of European Markets for Cisco Capital, said: "Unified communications makes it easier for businesses to connect with their customers and partners anytime, anywhere, so they can become more responsive and productive, building a better business and reputation. Offering these systems through EasyLease puts them within reach of even the smallest and most cash-strapped of businesses, which can then concentrate on reaping the benefits of the technology rather than worrying about how to afford it."

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