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Hanaro Telecom Delivers World's Largest Deployment of 100Mbps Broadband Services with Cisco IP NGN Infrastructure

Broadband Service Provider Enjoys Significant Increase in Customers since April Deployment
Oct 04, 2007

SEOUL, Korea, October 4, 2007 - Cisco® today announced that Hanaro Telecom, Korea's major broadband service provider, has chosen Cisco's standards-based channel-bonding technology for the world's largest deployment of 100-megabits-per-second broadband services, now reaching more 200,000 customers. The Cisco technology was designed based on the downstream channel-bonding specifications defined in CableLabs®' Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS®) 3.0 specification. Demonstrating Cisco's leadership in DOCSIS technology, Hanaro Telecom provides residential users with its 100Mbps broadband services over hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks.

Through Cisco's multiservice cable broadband technology, Hanaro Telecom was able to deploy the 100Mbps wideband services market ahead of its competitors, resulting in an increase in customers signup and a reduction in customer churn. The deployment began in April 2007, and 200,000 homes have subscribed to Hanaro's broadband services over the five months since the service was launched. Hanaro Telecom is currently the Korean market leader in high-speed HFC Internet services.

"We were looking for a technology solution to enable a timely launch of our 100Mbps broadband services over HFC while increasing density and reducing cost," said Chan Woong Park, senior vice president of Hanaro Telecom's Network Technology Unit. "Cisco has worked with us to deploy an industry leading cable modem termination system for broadband services and its engineering excellence has enabled a smooth and rapid service rollout."

The Cisco uBR10012 cable modem termination system (CMTS), which is the industry's highest-density platform, provides a smooth, cost-effective upgrade path to modular CMTS and DOCSIS 3.0, both key industry standards for next-generation cable modem services. Hanaro Telecom has enhanced its network through uBR10012 CMTS deployments with DOCSIS 3.0-based channel-bonding technology to provide high-bandwidth service for HanaTV, its video-on-demand IPTV service.

"As the market leading technology, Cisco's channel-bonding solution enables 100Mbps high-speed services rollout faster than with other platforms; witness the success of Hanaro Telecom in getting 200,000 customers operating on the new technology since the launch in April 2007," said Surya Panditi, vice president and general manager, Optical Technology and CMTS business unit of Cisco. "Furthermore, Hanaro Telecom can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership as Cisco's standards-based channel-bonding implementation will ease the migration to full DOCSIS 3.0 services in the future."

The Cisco uBR10012 CMTS is a component of the Cisco IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) architecture, designed to deliver converged voice, video and data services, improve operational and capital expenditure efficiencies and to advance network and service control to deliver innovative services.

About Hanaro Telecom

Hanaro Telecom, the second largest broadband service provider in Korea, has been offering internet data, local call, long-distance call, international voice call services and TV-portal services with 3.66 million broadband subscribers, 1.86 million voice subscribers and 540 Thousands TV-portal subscribers. Hanaro Telecom is leading a new paradigm in the Korean telecommunication industry by expanding in business from voice service into multimedia telecommunication services based on its high-quality network to preoccupy future market such as IPTV. For more information, visit Hanaro Telecom on the Internet: