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Cisco Helps Malaysian Marketing Consultancy Go Regional

Staff Mobility and Connectivity Drives Company's Expansion
Jul 20, 2007

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 20, 2007 - Cisco® announced today that In2 Marketing & Consulting Sdn Bhd is using Cisco's voice and Internet Protocol (IP) communication solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to drive its regional expansion plans.

In2 deployed a total solution that combined 35 Cisco Unified IP Phones, Cisco routers, and the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. A converter was added to enable the running of IP communications on analog phones for a further 15 users, allowing In2 to provision up to 50 users. Prior to this, In2 was using a digital keyphone system, which could not support the increasing number of users as the company grew.

"To fulfill the needs of our fast-growing business, our company needed a data and voice network system which offered us high mobility but at the same time would not compromise on security," said Lynette Yap, brand communications director of In2. "Cisco gave us the best customized solution for our requirements, and we have already started to see the benefits."

Integrated communications has allowed In2 to significantly change the working style of the entire organization, not only at the highest level of management but also across the board. As a result, In2 has been able to streamline its operations and simplify management, maintenance and training as well as increase efficiency, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

IP-based technologies offer two distinct key advantages. First, they help lower operational costs by reducing the number of networks and services that companies need to maintain. Second, since voice, video and data can run over IP networks, they can also be as combined and run much more cost-effectively than with previous technologies, which makes IP-based technology the key to driving convergence.

"Cisco is a network leader in the SMB market, and we understand the concerns and requirements of these businesses. Cisco is developing IP-based solutions for SMBs that provide them with the same capabilities as larger companies, thus enabling them to compete on a more level footing," said Kumaran Singaram, managing director, Cisco Malaysia.

"We are satisfied with the performance of the solution, which has also contributed to significant cost-savings. With Cisco's solution we have the flexibility to add capacity as and when we need it," added Yap. "As a small business, we welcome Cisco's innovation and technology, previously available only to larger businesses, in an economical and flexible package that allows for customization to fit our current needs and allow for future growth."

Cisco IP telephony products are a key component of the Cisco Unified Communications system, which delivers the business benefits of a converged network to organizations of all sizes. With Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and Cisco Unity® Express, the benefits of IP communications can be easily extended to small or medium-sized office environments. This solution serves offices of 240 users or fewer and enables a robust set of commonly used business telephony features, voice mail, and automated-attendant capabilities.

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In2 Marketing & Consulting Sdn Bhd was established in July 2002 as a team of four, and has since grown to a staff strength of 35 with a regional office in Singapore. The company continues to set its sights on new horizons, and strives to break new ground by carefully selecting the right talents to lead the way into the 21st century landscape of marketing and advertising. Further information can be obtained at