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Ukrtelecom Completes Second Phase of National Fiber Network With Cisco

Optical Network for Ukraine Ready to Offer New Level of Residential and Business Services to Customers
May 07, 2007

KIEV, Ukraine, May 7, 2007: Cisco® today announced that Ukrtelecom has completed the second phase of a national dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) network based on the Cisco Internet Protocol IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) architecture to help enable the growth of advanced residential and business services. The expansion involves deployment of the Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform (MSTP) at core points of presence (POPs).

The new DWDM network provides Ukrtelecom with broad opportunities in broadband data transfer across Ukraine. Cisco worked collaboratively with a Ukrainian Cisco Certified Partner to deliver advanced services for the design and implementation of the nationwide optical DWDM network as well as providing training to network operations and development teams. Ukrtelecom's specialists were trained in Cisco's optical technologies in Ukraine, and at the Cisco Optical Center in Monza and today they can efficiently operate the new network and plan its development. The Cisco services team commissioned the project on time and within budget, and it successfully passed the stringent government acceptance requirements.

"Completion of this project is an important milestone in the development of our national residential and business market," said Gennady Yaroshenko, deputy director of network operations, Primary Network Board, Ukrtelecom. "The unique technological opportunities of Cisco's solution enable us to offer compelling telecommunications services to end customers across the whole territory of the country. The DWDM network, in particular, will fully satisfy the growing bandwidth demand for high-speed Internet access, virtual private networks and value-added services, including multimedia."

"This DWDM backbone infrastructure enhances Ukrtelecom's IPNGN core network, helping enable 320 gigabits-per-second capability between all the core POPs to support the increasing demand for residential voice, video and data services and high-speed broadband business services," commented Massimo Cambiaghi, business development manager, Optical Networking for Cisco. "As one of the critical elements in this backbone network, the ONS 15454 MSTP platform offers the company the optimum combination of flexibility, service variety, capacity and future-proofing."

The new network supports multiplexing and the transparent transport of many data streams. The network capacity can grow up to 32 10-Gbps channels over one optical fiber pair. The nationwide DWDM deployment implements key features of the Cisco ONS15454 MSTP, including:

  • Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers. ROADMs allow fully reconfigurable and flexible optical networks to be implemented to reduce DWDM complexity and speed up the end-to-end deployment of new high-capacity services in any of the network locations.
  • Optical Transfer Network standard ITU-T G.709. This provides end-to-end wavelength management directly in the optical domain and enables extended optical reach through the integration of enhanced forward error correction.
  • Automatic networkwide optical power management and monitoring. Control of the whole network is fully automated, simplifying network implementation, operation and expansion.

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