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Cisco Advances Strategy to Transform Business' Safety and Security Operations

Latest Product Additions Strengthen Protection of People and Assets While Preserving Existing Investments
Mar 27, 2007

LAS VEGAS, ISC West - March 27, 2007 - Demonstrating its commitment to help transform isolated security operations into a strategic asset using the Internet Protocol (IP) network, Cisco® today announced key additions to its IP-based video surveillance product portfolio that unlock the value of video. The new offerings use the IP network as a platform for accessing video, and transforming disparate legacy security systems to be more collaborative and responsive while preserving customers' existing investments.

The latest offerings - Cisco's new IP surveillance camera, a scalable video recording and storage platform, and new video surveillance software provide greater security scalability, and are easily integrated with other security and business systems to enhance the value of video. Additionally these products enable a smooth migration from analog to network-based deployments, and interoperate with third-party storage.

The surveillance solution also provides customers with numerous benefits inherent in Cisco's leading IP networking technology. Live or recorded video can be accessed by authorized users from virtually anywhere at any time through the IP network. As a result, the new IP-based video surveillance solution provides security professionals with timelier access to information and fosters a more collaborative and comprehensive approach to security operations.

"Today's announcement demonstrates Cisco's commitment to help organizations transform siloed systems and applications into a united solution to enhance safety and security operations," said Mark Farino, general manager of Cisco's Converged Security Infrastructure Business Unit. "By utilizing the IP network, businesses can align security with overall corporate goals. Such a transformation makes security organizations more effective and strategic to their businesses."

"Cisco's vision and strategy, and the new product additions, align well with the realities of today's security operations," said Dan Eitnier, director of surveillance for the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. "We were able to migrate from analog to digital and networked video surveillance without operational disruption. The move was also invisible to our surveillance operators as Cisco's video surveillance solution provides low-latency, high- broadcast-quality video. Since we could continue to use our existing analog controls and displays, the operators did not have to be re-trained, but now enjoy new capabilities only available with IP-network technology innovations."

Cisco's latest product additions enhance the breadth and efficiency of security operations as IP convergence takes place throughout the industry, Farino added. "Improving the efficiency of traditional analog video surveillance systems by adding new IP functions and services will dramatically improve operational effectiveness and productivity in safety and security applications for healthcare, retail, public sector, and the gaming industry to name a few."

As part of its expanded physical security portfolio, Cisco announced the following new products and enhancements:

  • Cisco Video Surveillance IP Camera
  • Cisco's new IP camera supports motion-triggered, high-quality D1 (720 x 480) resolution using bandwidth-efficient MPEG4 encoding. It offers comprehensive security features such as 802.1X authentication. Flexible deployment options, whether wireless or wired, and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection capabilities make it ideal for completely new and incremental deployments.

  • Cisco Services Platform for Scalable Mass Storage
  • Cisco's new mass storage services platform provides a scalable recording solution that can be linked (via SCSI or Fibre Channel connections) to external storage arrays. It can aggregate video in one location and utilize IP networks to make it accessible throughout an organization.

  • Enhancements to Cisco Stream Manager Video Surveillance Software
  • Cisco Stream Manager Software version 5.0 delivers new features for all Cisco video surveillance products:

    • Policy-based alarm handling, multicamera synchronized playback and display sequencing
    • Support for higher video compression ratios using H.264 encoding, variable frame rate and resolution based on dynamic events, and video traffic prioritization using quality-of-service mechanisms.
    • Granular control of user access to video surveillance system devices
    • Easier deployment and management of physical security devices on an IP network

These new products extend Cisco's safety and security product offerings, which include an integrated communications and surveillance solution for mobile and outdoor environments: the Cisco 3200 Series Wireless and Mobile Routers along with third-party video software and hardware modules. Other offerings include the new Cisco IP Interoperability Collaboration System 2.0 (IPICS), announced yesterday. Cisco IPICS 2.0 enables users to automate responses to specified events. For example, in the event of a fire, security personnel can be notified and immediately placed into communication with each other via pagers, radios, IP phones, and other devices. These products and applications help enable personnel in the same or different agencies to communicate across previously isolated radio, IP and non-IP networks. For more information on this Cisco new IPICS 2.0 announcement, please see:


The new Cisco IP camera, and the scalable mass storage recording services platform are scheduled to be available by the end of May 2007. New feature enhancements in Cisco Stream Manager Software version 5.0 are available to existing customers at no extra cost and will be supported on Cisco IP gateways, services platforms and integrated services platforms.