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KTF Enhances 3G Mobile Communications Service with Innovative Technology from Cisco

Cisco 7600 ITP reinforces signal traffic processing speed and service stability for commercial WCDMA service
Feb 12, 2007

BARCELONA, Spain - February 12, 2007 - Cisco® today announced the deployment of the Cisco 7600 IP Transfer Point (ITP), the industry's leading next-generation core signaling transfer point (STP). KTF, one of Korea's major mobile communications providers, has adopted Cisco 7600 ITP to strengthen its third-generation (3G) mobile communications services.

As competition in the third-generation mobile communications services market intensifies, KTF decided to establish an Internet Protocol-based high-speed signaling network for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) services, separated from its existing CDMA network. Leveraging the carrier-class reliability features of the Cisco 7600, KTF has deployed the Cisco ITP as the core solution of the project and now provides commercial WCDMA services via this solution.

The Cisco ITP solution will help KTF to effectively process large-scale signaling traffic generated from its WCDMA service and thus achieve significant enhancements in its service stability.

"The importance of the signaling system in telecommunications services is comparable to that of the human neural network. System stability, scalability and error-processing capability became the top priorities in selecting the appropriate solution. Furthermore, since KTF was the first local mobile communications provider to build a network exclusively for WCDMA, experience in establishing a WCDMA signaling network was also considered as an important factor," said Heui-Seon Yu, Director of KTF Core Network Planning Team. "Thanks to Cisco's excellent solutions and rich experience in this field, KTF is now capable of fully preparing for the service," he added.

The Cisco 7600 ITP is an essential component in establishing an all-IP-based 3G mobile communications network. It relays Signaling System 7 (SS7) messages between an existing fixed- and mobile-telephone network and an IP packet network. In other words, it plays a major role in converting a low-speed Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)-based SS7 signaling network into an SS& over IP (SS7oIP) system. The industry leading platform for next-generation signaling, Cisco's 7600 ITP operates in 2G and 3G mobile communications environments, offering traditional TDM connectivity as well as SIGnaling TRANsport (SIGTRAN) - ultimately allowing customers to protect their legacy TDM investment while actively adopting advanced signaling over IP technologies.

"Working with truly innovative customers, it is indeed a pleasure to participate in the KTF project" said Anthony Jeffs, Marketing Director, Mobility, Signaling & Control Business Unit of Cisco. "Cisco provides the vision for mobile IP NGN, which may enable customers to economically and effectively use bandwidth for broadband mobile data and messaging services - while protecting their future investment by migrating both existing and new 3G mobile communications infrastructure to an IP-based infrastructure," he continued.

KTF plans to further deploy and operate Cisco 7600 ITP when building a nationwide WCDMA network in the future.

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KTF ( is a leading player in Korea's mobile communications industry. The company has set numerous records in the field since it launched its PCS business in 1997.