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Scientific Atlanta Leads Industry in Support of CableCARD Separable Security Initiatives

Next-Generation Solutions on the Forefront of Development to Meet FCC Demands
Jan 08, 2007

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - CES 2007 - January 8, 2007 - Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, has the technology stage set for "707," the July 1,2007, Federal Communications Commission's deadline for separable security modules. At CES 2007, the company is demonstrating products that will help enable cable operators to comply with the FCC regulations, including its Multi-Stream CableCARDTM and a range of set-tops1, from standard-definition digital-only to dual-tuner high-definition (HD) digital video recorders (DVRs), as well as software solutions for both systems and clients. Scientific Atlanta was the first company to receive CableLabs® qualification for the Multi-Stream CableCARD (M-CardTM), as announced in April 2006, and continues to lead industry efforts by testing and working with customers.

The removable security cards handle conditional access to and the encryption of premium cable channels. Cable operators provide separable security modules so that content can be adequately protected.

"Scientific Atlanta is committed to providing the M-Card, network and set-top solutions needed by cable operators for a successful separable security transition," said Michael Harney, president of Subscriber Network Systems, Scientific Atlanta. "Our CableLabs-qualified M-Card and latest line of CableCARD-enabled set-tops provide the features and security that enable our customers to deliver protected advanced digital cable services."

Features of the M-Card:

  • Supports decryption of premium services
  • Supports single stream and multistream hosts
  • Supported by Scientific Atlanta's Digital Network Control System
  • Simultaneously decrypts up to six video streams
  • Qualified by CableLabs

1 CableCARD enabled set-tops currently shipping for testing include: The 8300CTM, 8300HDCTM, 8240CTM, 8240HDCTM, 4250CTM, 4250HDCTM, 4240CTM and 4240HDCTM

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