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Scientific Atlanta Debuts New Universal Session and Resource Manager for Next-Generation Video and Data Services

Jan 23, 2007

HOUSTON - SCTE EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES - January 23, 2007 - Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, today introduced its Universal Session and Resource Manager (USRM). As a component of the Cisco IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) Service Exchange Framework (SEF), USRM extends the video and data network control plane to help enable interactive triple- and quad-play services over cable networks.

USRM is a distributed services management platform that provides carrier-class signaling and resource management with always-on operation. It is highly modular and extensible with support for in-service/run-time addition of new protocols and applications. The architecture will help enable faster deployment of new services. Designed to operate at all levels of the network, it scales elegantly from managing individual service groups to managing the largest headends. The distributed architecture provides speed, scale and high availability by moving real-time, mission-critical functions to high-performance server clusters.

This product can be used as a standalone system, or can be integrated with the Cisco Content Delivery System (CDS) or Scientific Atlanta Switched Digital Video server. In addition, the USRM can operate as a master session resource manager (SRM) or edge resource manager supporting various components of the network. USRM supports both table-based and session-based Scientific Atlanta and third-party quadrature amplitude modulators (QAMs). It also supports encrypting QAMs as well as the NetcryptTM PowerKEY® bulk-encryptor for support of non-encrypting QAMs. The USRM will help enable more rapid addition of open protocols to support new services or resources.

Key features include single network management protocol (SNMP) management, a Web interface for management and configuration, m:n redundancy, in-service upgrades, real-time graphical analytics for service and resource utilization, policy-based failover and resource management and monitoring.

"The Universal Session and Resource Manager is a premier product offering that helps enable rapid deployment of new revenue generating services for cable providers while protecting their investment in today's technology," said Sandeep Vohra, vice president of engineering, Digital Media Networks, Scientific Atlanta.

In addition to enabling new services, this product also offers operational benefits to cable providers by providing a single, scalable control plane for service and resource management and monitoring. Furthermore, because USRM applications and interfaces inherit the capabilities of the core platform, the testing process for new services is simplified, allowing faster time-to-market for services. This will enable the product to quickly provide support for future applications requiring real-time call and session control.

Scientific Atlanta will be demonstrating the USRM at a private demo room on site at the SCTE Emerging Technologies Conference in Houston, Texas, Jan. 23-25, 2007. For appointments please contact Sara Stutzenstein at

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Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, is a leading supplier of digital-content contribution and distribution systems, transmission networks for broadband access to the home, digital interactive set-tops and subscriber systems designed for video, high-speed Internet and voice-over-IP (VoIP) networks, and worldwide customer service and support. Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems, Inc. More information about Scientific Atlanta is available at