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First Cisco Carrier Routing Systems Go Live in BT 21st Century Network

LONDON & ITU TELECOM WORLD, December 4, 2006 - Cisco today
Dec 04, 2006

LONDON & ITU TELECOM WORLD, December 4, 2006 - Cisco today announced that it has completed the first live deployments of eleven CRS-1 Carrier Routing Systems in the Internet Protocol / Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) core of BT's 21st Century Network (BT 21CN). Additional CRS-1 systems will be deployed within approximately 100 BT core points of presence (PoPs) for BT 21CN over the next year. The BT 21CN core network will support voice, business virtual private network (VPN), IP and broadband traffic, including consumer video and mobility services, throughout the UK.

Matt Beal, Director 21CN Core Convergence & Capabilities, BT Wholesale said: "We are making excellent progress laying the foundations for 21CN with Cisco's support and expertise. The CRS-1 routing systems are strategically important for the success of our programme and this brings us another step closer to the day when our customers can enjoy the full benefits of converged services over a world-class network."

Chris Dedicoat, President of European Markets at Cisco said: "The BT 21CN project has taken advantage of the expertise of both BT and Cisco, giving us the opportunity to share ideas for innovation and to work together to meet each unique challenge. Today, we've reached a significant milestone and we are all looking forward to achieving the ultimate goal of BT's 21CN transformation and the long-lasting benefits it will deliver to BT's customers."