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Cisco Website Goes Mobile

Networking Leader Unveils Cisco Mobile Web to Customers, Industry Partners and Public
Nov 15, 2006

SAN JOSE, Calif. - November 15, 2006 - Addressing the needs of an ever-mobile world, Cisco® today unveiled its mobile-specific website, Cisco Mobile Web, which presents a wealth of information to information technology (IT) administrators, customers and others who want real-time Cisco content from a variety of mobile devices, such as 3G cell phones, Web-enabled PDAs, and other handheld devices.

Optimized specifically for mobile devices, the Cisco Mobile Web,, enables easy and intuitive navigation of pertinent Cisco information, such as news, financial results, new products, security updates, technical support, streaming video, call-on-demand, event links and other relevant features.

"Having information at our fingertips is a tremendous advantage," said David Casillo, senior vice president of product management, Insight. "As a channel partner, it is important for our team to have technical information, regardless of time or location. This gives us a real time business benefit and allows us to provide superior client service while in the field."

Recently, the Gartner Group estimated that there will be three billion mobile subscribers in the world by 2010. This indicates that there will soon be more people around the world with access to mobilized content, than people with standard PC-based Web browsers.

"Having content optimized for mobile use gives our customers and stakeholders an empowering and tangible tool to stay informed," said Marilyn Mersereau, vice president of corporate marketing at Cisco Systems. "Mobility is fundamental to the being, which is why development of the Cisco Mobile Web is a natural extension of solutions built for the Human Network."

Overcoming Mobile Content Challenges

To address a mobile market, many technical challenges must be overcome. One of the most pressing issues in delivering handheld content is optimizing the delivery mechanism - addressing issues of latency, non-device conformity, minimal standardization and multiple operating systems.

By working with industry organizations, such as and the Mobile Web Panel at Web 2.0, Cisco developers have incorporated industry best practices in rolling out the new mobile Website. An example of this is how the mobile formats video, text and single-click dialing features, so that users can easily navigate and find information.

Furthermore, the mobile site supports a majority of handheld and cellular Web browsers, including: AvantGo, Blackberry, GoodAccess, Intellisync, NetFront, Opera, PalmOne, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. This allows Cisco content to reach the largest number of mobile workers and devices.

"True mobility empowers users to have information from a variety of devices and having it readily available at any time," said Alan Cohen, senior director of mobility solutions at Cisco. "Having content specifically optimized for mobile users is a powerful way for any organization to add value and enhance relationships."

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