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TDC Selects Scientific Atlanta MPEG-4 AVC Encoders for Cable and DSL Video Services

KORTRIJK, Belgium/ATLANTA, GA, USA - September 8, 2006 -
Sep 08, 2006

KORTRIJK, Belgium/ATLANTA, GA, USA - September 8, 2006 - Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, today announced that its versatile, MPEG-4 advanced video compression (AVC) encoder has been selected by TDC Kabel TV A/S for delivery of cable and DSL video services in Denmark.

"Video quality is the most important criteria when we analyze encoding and the Scientific Atlanta MPEG-4 encoders delivered the superior performance we require to deliver the optimum viewing experience for our customers," said Jørgen Michaelsen, chief technical officer at TDC. "Additionally, Scientific Atlanta's strong local presence in Denmark, and across the rest of our service area, indicated a commitment to TDC and our marketplace and an ability to quickly use extensive video delivery expertise to support our diverse cable and DSL video applications."

More than 50 Model D9034 Scientific Atlanta MPEG-4 encoders, with picture-in-picture ('PIP') and MPEG-2 encoding options are being deployed by TDC. In addition to traditional PIP viewing of two programs on a single screen, the PIP option also supports a multiple-channel mosaic application where up to 16 "favorite" video programs can be viewed simultaneously on a screen. TDC plans to use the MPEG-2 encoding option to deliver high-quality digital video to its cable customers, while initial plans call for bandwidth-saving MPEG-4 AVC encoding to support DSL video.

About TDC

TDC is the leading provider of communications solutions in Denmark, the second-largest telecoms provider in the Swiss market, and is represented by significant presence in the pan-Nordic market and in selected markets in Central Europe. By the end of 2005, the TDC Group had more than 15m customers in Europe: 3.5m landline customers, 9.0m mobile customers, 1.8m Internet customers, and 1.0m cable-TV customers.

About Scientific Atlanta

Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, is a leading supplier of digital content contribution and distribution systems, transmission networks for broadband access to the home, digital interactive set-tops and subscriber systems designed for video, high-speed Internet and voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) networks, and worldwide customer service and support. Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems, Inc. More information about Scientific Atlanta is available at:

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