News Release

Nevada's Clark County Enhances Business Growth, Public Services and Safety In Las Vegas and Beyond with Cisco Solutions

Regional Justice Center's Integrated Communications Network Highlights IT's Role In Supporting One of North America's Fastest-Growing Civic Economies
Jun 21, 2006

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - JUNE 21, 2006 - Cisco Systems® today announced that Nevada's Clark County is relying on Cisco® networking, wireless and security solutions to unify communications at the county's Regional Justice Center, providing the foundation for what Court Executive Officer Chuck Short calls "the court system of the 21st century."

The Regional Justice Center, which uses Cisco solutions to consolidate multiple agencies in one highly secure network infrastructure, represents a fundamental part of a vision to unify communications and enhance public services in Las Vegas and the outlying area -an area that has experienced torrid growth over the past several years.

Clark County, which had 700,000 residents before the turn of the 21st century, now has a population of 1.8 million. More than 10,000 employees work in 38 public service departments to support this community. It is home to Las Vegas, one of North America's most progressive civic economies. Although the county has long been known for its entrenched gaming industry, the area's economy extends beyond the casino-laden skyline. The "internationalization" of McCarran Airport and other economic factors have resulted in the economy's gravy train - gaming - expanding to include real estate, construction, professional services, technology, life sciences and various corporate operations like manufacturing and distribution.

Clark County Chief Information Officer Rod Massey believes information technology (IT) plays a significant role in sustaining and enabling the area's evolution. A secure unified network infrastructure that significantly enhances communications between the government, public and business community will enable future growth, greater services and enhanced safety. The Regional Justice Center represents a proof point of this vision.

"When people think of Las Vegas, they think of casinos, the Strip and the glitz, but Clark County and our Las Vegas metropolitan communities are very tech-savvy," Massey said. "Much of Clark County's services rely on optimizing and securing communications over a highly manageable, scalable network. These communications involve everything from supporting community and social programs to managing development and growth to providing justice and public safety services. Unifying communications over one network infrastructure at the Regional Justice Center enhances efficiency and services for our taxpayers. Extending this model will enhance public services even more. Simplicity is an elegant model."

According to County Manager Thom Reilly, government's role is changing from a provider of services to a facilitator of services.

"The Clark County Regional Justice Center brings together multiple agencies, such as the 8th Judicial District Court, the Las Vegas Justice Court, the Las Vegas Municipal Court, the Clark County Clerk's Office and the Clark County District Attorney's Office, to facilitate interagency collaboration and efficient service delivery to the community," Reilly said.

Cisco's strategic alliance with IBM helped ensure a seamless and coordinated implementation for Clark County. IBM Global Services, together with Cisco and Clark County's IT team, planned, designed and implemented a highly secure common network infrastructure to support multi-tenant use of the Regional Justice Center building. The network infrastructure accommodates wired and wireless connectivity, and it is anchored by solutions that support Cisco's Self-Defending Network strategy. The unified infrastructure grants access based on users' jurisdictional responsibilities.

For example, Cisco's Access Control Server verifies security and user profiles, then grants the appropriate level of network access to visitors, Regional Justice Center employees and county staff. Firewall and intrusion-detection service modules are integrated within Cisco switches as part of a collaborative network security system that provides protection to information as it's channeled to its various destinations.

Network security extends beyond wired Internet Protocol (IP) pathways. It protects information flow over wireless connections as well. These connections are enabled by Cisco Aironet® devices and Cisco wireless local-area network controllers. The controllers manage connectivity in all hearing rooms and courtrooms.

"We are proving that government is progressive, efficient and innovative," Short said. "We have laid the foundation for the court system of the 21st century."

Clark County plans to expand its infrastructure to foster greater collaboration among the government, public and business community.

"In Clark County, we're using technology to build a better, safer community," Massey said. "This is our vision - it is one that has the welfare and safety of our taxpayers in mind."