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TDC Provides Superior Voice Quality and Landline Security on New Residential Broadband Telephony Service with Cisco IP Next Generation Network

Cisco Voice over Broadband Solution helps TDC to offer high-quality broadband telephony to cable and DSL customers
May 16, 2006

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, May 16, 2006 - Cisco Systems® announced today that Denmark's largest communications solutions provider, TDC, is delivering new high-quality broadband telephony services to residential customers with Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable access using a voice over broadband solution on its Cisco® IP Next Generation Network (IP NGN).

TDC launched its broadband telephony service across Denmark in February 2006, offering flat-rate national landline calls for residential customers. The Cisco IP NGN voice over broadband solution supports both IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)-compliant Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and PacketCable standards making it possible for TDC to address broadband customers across multiple access networks with a uniform set of voice services. The TDC network will also support the introduction of advanced real-time communications features and applications.

"TDC's objective for broadband telephony is to offer our customers added value and choice," said Gert Rieder, executive vice president, TDC Residential. "It was important to find a solution that provided voice quality and security that are comparable with existing landline telephony, which we can enhance with new features."

The Cisco solution includes Cisco BTS 10200 and PGW 2200 Series softswitches and Cisco AS5000 Series VoIP gateways which are installed in TDC's nationwide network to help TDC to deliver high-quality broadband telephony. The Cisco BTS and PGW softswitches control the calls and help ensure transmission quality, and the Cisco VoIP gateways provide high quality connectivity between the broadband network and the public telephone network, in line with the IMS standard. This results in a highly-secure VoIP infrastructure that works to prevent the tapping or hacking of calls.

TDC is installing residential gateways from Linksys, a division of Cisco, for ADSL customers. These are located at the customer's home between the DSL broadband modem and existing telephones. For cable customers, TDC is using the WebSTARTM DPX2203TM Cable Modem from Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco Company, which features an embedded media terminal adapter providing two lines of voice service. These devices help to ensure that bandwidth is always available for phone calls on the broadband line even if members of the household are surfing the Internet or downloading media files such as music and video.

"The successful launch of TDC's broadband telephony service is the result of close collaboration between Cisco and TDC over several years and we look forward to helping TDC to continue delivering a high-quality experience to their customers," said Geraint Anderson, vice president of Service Provider Wireline for European Markets, Cisco Systems.

About TDC

TDC is the leading provider of communications solutions in Denmark, the second-largest telecommunications provider on the Swiss market, and moreover has a presence in a number of select markets in Northern and Central Europe due to its shareholdings in major companies.

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