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Republic Polytechnic is First Education Institute in Asia to Deploy Cisco Unified Wireless Network Implemented by Singapore Computer Systems

SINGAPORE, May 23, 2006 - Republic Polytechnic is the first
May 23, 2006

SINGAPORE, May 23, 2006 - Republic Polytechnic is the first institute of higher learning (IHL) in Asia to deploy new wireless network technologies from Cisco Systems® to enrich its students' learning experience. The Cisco® Unified Wireless Network is part of a S$3.6 million contract awarded to Singapore Computer Systems Limited (SCS), a leading information and communications technology service provider in Asia. SCS designed, built and commissioned a wired and wireless network infrastructure for Republic Polytechnic's new 20-hectare campus at Woodlands.

The highly secure wireless network infrastructure will connect Republic Polytechnic's 12 "Learning Pods" (study clusters and dry labs) as well as its Republic Polytechnic Centre.

"Republic Polytechnic's new campus in Woodlands is designed to be a wireless learning hub offering students and staff a modern and high-tech paperless environment," said Mr. Samuel Liu, Republic Polytechnic's IT Director. "We believe that the use of state-of-the-art technology plays a critical role in enriching the learning experience for our students and have adopted a scalable wireless network to support our vision of providing students with a holistic education. We chose SCS for its technical know-how and experience in managing and implementing large-scale IT projects, and Cisco for its proven technology leadership."

The Cisco Unified Wireless Network comprises a unified wired and wireless solution that cost-effectively addresses issues such as wireless local-area network (WLAN) security, deployment, management, and control issues. It combines the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver highly secure, scalable WLANs with a low total cost of ownership.

SCS deployed the Cisco Catalyst® 6500 Series Switches as the core backbone of the system and will provide outsourced maintenance services on site. The network infrastructure includes Emerson Liebert uninterruptible power supply devices.

SCS' President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tan Tong Hai, said: "Since 2004, SCS has been providing Republic Polytechnic with IT helpdesk and on-site technical support. This project brings our partnership to the next level. The application-aware wireless network is intelligent, highly secure, and user-friendly. It also allows the students to have network access anytime and anywhere within the campus premises. We are delighted to be the vendor of choice to bring these technologies to Republic Polytechnic. SCS aims to deploy these wireless technologies to other organisations in Singapore and the region together with our partner, Cisco Systems."

Mr. Craig Gledhill, Managing Director of Singapore and Brunei for Cisco Systems, sees Republic Polytechnic as one of the most innovative users of info-communications technologies in the education sector. "This wireless deployment at its new campus further reinforces that reputation. The technologies that Republic Polytechnic has implemented could potentially also be used for even larger-scale wireless networks such as the ones in the next-generation National Infocomm Infrastructure," he said.

The Republic Polytechnic campus network comprises the following aspects:

Continuous Connection - Lecturers (or facilitators, as they are known in Republic Polytechnic) can continuously stay connected to a much larger student base than traditionally possible, giving immediate feedback to student queries. The high-speed wireless communication network enables students to learn and communicate anytime and anywhere within the campus in a synchronous or asynchronous mode. This mode of mobile learning totally changes the concept of desk-bound lessons and meetings.

Paperless Organisation - Assessments (known as Understanding Tests in Republic Polytechnic) and problems are all completed online through laptops making the whole organisation practically paperless. Not only is this good environmentally, but also means administration is kept to a minimum so that money and resources can be better deployed.

Remote Campus - In the event of an avian flu pandemic, lessons can carry on remotely as the organisation is paperless. Students and facilitators can access all information from home via the internet, and virtual classroom sessions can be conducted. Republic Polytechnic is a leader in this aspect of business continuity in the education sector.

Application-Aware Network - The network is intelligent enough to activate a 'quarantine' mode that shuts off communication between test candidates and the Internet. At the same time, access to the relevant network server is available until the candidates complete the tests.

Location-Aware Network - The network can detect, locate, isolate and activate counter-measures to prevent rogue access points and ad-hoc wireless networks. This will deter security and integrity breaches during online tests.

User-Aware Network - The network will be able to locate any registered user by user name rather than by Internet Protocol (IP) address. The wireless network should tie in a username with any issued IP address so that in any security device, the username will be apparent rather than the IP address. This will facilitate the logging and management of clients.

Republic Polytechnic moved to its permanent campus at 9 Woodlands Avenue 9 (near Woodlands MRT/Bus Interchange) in March 2006. Its state-of-the-art facilities supporting its unique learning pedagogy stand out among local institutes of higher learning and in a few years' time, its student enrolment is expected to reach 13,000.

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The first educational institution in Singapore to adopt the Problem-Based Learning approach for all its diploma programmes, Republic Polytechnic has five schools offering nineteen diploma courses in Information & Communications Technology, Engineering, Applied Science, Technology for the Arts, and Sports, Health & Leisure. Republic Polytechnic is committed to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial learning in an environment that develops problem-solving process skills and a life-long learning attitude. Its holistic, broad-based curriculum, covering culture, enterprise development and cognitive processes, prepares students for an active and meaningful role in society. Republic Polytechnic strives for excellence by achieving various national and international accreditations, including People Developer Standards, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, Family Friendly Employer award, Singapore Quality Class, Singapore Innovation Class, and the Singapore Health Awards (Silver). For more information, visit

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