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T-Mobile Selects Cisco to Support FLASH-OFDM Services in Slovakia

T-Mobile Slovakia and Cisco Pioneer FLASH-OFDM Cellular Services for Mobile Broadband Connectivity to Corporate Networks and the Internet
Apr 05, 2006

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 5, 2006 - Cisco Systems® today announced that T-Mobile Slovakia selected Cisco's mobile operator solutions to process and manage radio access network traffic and FLASH-OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) network layer aggregation. FLASH-OFDM is a signal processing technique that supports low-latency, high-data transmissions, which allows T-Mobile to easily provide new mobile and IP-based services to its customers.

"A new era of innovative mobile services is dawning as mobile operators are poised to provide users around the world with affordable and functional high-speed Internet and network connectivity," said Robert Chvatal, CEO of T-Mobile Slovakia. "With Cisco's back-end aggregation solutions, T-Mobile gains a competitive advantage by being able to quickly deploy the latest mobile broadband services."

"As the first mobile operator in the world to launch FLASH-OFDM services on country-wide scale, T-Mobile embodies a common vision that we all share - the ability to communicate and collaborate from anywhere with any device," said Larry Lang, vice president and general manager, Mobile Wireless Group, Cisco Systems. "To make that vision a reality, Cisco provides service providers with open solutions that are designed to interoperate with third-party systems so that service providers can focus on customer initiatives, not back-end technologies."

Cisco Home Agent - Key to Seamless Mobility

The combination of Cisco Mobile Wireless Home Agent with Cisco's aggregation routers for concentration of network traffic culminates in an optimal solution for mobile operators to roll out FLASH-OFDM services.

Maintaining seamless connectivity between end devices and access networks is one of the challenges associated with providing mobile broadband services. The Cisco Mobile Wireless Home Agent helps providers by performing dynamic home address assignment for mobile devices and maintaining mobile user registrations.

The Cisco Mobile Wireless Home Agent tunnels packets destined for mobile devices using industry-leading security technology, and supports reverse tunneling, which allows users to transparently roam across different access networks while retaining a constant connection and addressability. Additionally, the Cisco Mobile Wireless Home Agent Home address assignments can be from address pools configured locally, either through Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server access or from the authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) servers, which adds to greater functionality and security when connecting mobile workers to corporate networks.

The Cisco Mobile Wireless Home Agent is part of the Cisco Mobile Exchange, an element of the Cisco Service Exchange Framework, an open and intelligent platform that identifies users, knows where they are, and delivers services to them anywhere, over any access medium, to any client device. As a platform for converged services, the Cisco Service Exchange Framework is part of Cisco's IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) vision and architecture provides significant business benefits for mobile operators. More information about Cisco's mobile service provider solutions is available at

About T-Mobile Slovensko

T-Mobile Slovensko, a. s., is a leading telecommunications company that provides mobile communication and mobile data services in Slovakia. T-Mobile Slovensko, a. s., is 100% owned by Slovak Telecom, a. s., a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG (Frankfurt, Amtlicher Handel: DTE / NYSE: DT). As of December 31, 2005 T-Mobile Slovensko, a. s., served 2.02 million customers. T-Mobile Slovensko is the first mobile operator to have rolled out in Slovakia the MMS services, W-LAN and SuperSpeed, EDGE-based data service and UMTS network. For more information about T-Mobile Slovensko, please visit