News Release

Scientific Atlanta's Multi-Stream CableCARD

First to Receive CableLabs Qualification
Apr 10, 2006

ATLANTA, GA., April 10, 2006 - Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, is the first company to receive CableLabs® qualification for a Multi-Stream CableCARD (M-CardTM). The Scientific Atlanta M-Card will provide support in cable systems for the delivery of multiple program streams that are essential for digital video recorder (DVR) features such as picture-in-picture and recording two programs simultaneously.

CableCARDs are a key element in enabling manufacturers and retailers to engage in retail sale of interoperable navigation devices, such as integrated digital television sets. CableCARDs enable a device to decode encrypted content delivered from the cable system. The new Scientific Atlanta M-Card will provide decryption of the PowerKEY® conditional access system.

"The CableLabs qualification of our new M-Card is the latest milestone in our ongoing initiatives with cable operators, consumer electronics manufacturers and CableLabs to deliver more digital television choices to consumers," said Michael Harney, president of Subscriber Network Systems, Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company. "The growth in the number of televisions in homes in the United States presents new opportunities to deliver the benefits of digital television to more households. There are strong indicators of increasing momentum for digital service, with digital penetration above 50 percent in some cable systems."

Scientific Atlanta has been shipping CableCARD products since 2004 when its original CableCARD was the first to receive CableLabs qualification. Scientific Atlanta's new Multi-Stream CableCARD will be on display April 9 - 11, 2006 at the company's booth (#2251) and demonstrated in CableNET at the 2006 National Show in Atlanta.

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