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Quanta Computer Inc. Selects End-to-End Cisco Solutions for Intelligent R&D Complex

Collaborative relationship between Cisco and Quanta helps align business and technical requirements
Nov 10, 2005

TAIPEI - November 10, 2005 - Cisco Systems® today announced that one of the largest computer makers in the world, Quanta Computer Inc. ("Quanta"), has selected end-to-end Cisco solutions for its new intelligent research and development (R&D) complex. Quanta expects productivity gains through network and business process transformation enabled by a business-focused architectural approach and Cisco Lifecycle Services.

Located in Linkou, Taoyuan County in Taiwan and touted by the company as the 'Adventure Land of R&D Engineers', the Quanta R&D Complex ("QRDC") occupies 2.2 million square feet and will eventually house 6,000 engineers. About 3,000 engineers have moved into the new building facility since July.

"Cisco has proven experience and marketplace expertise at driving productivity through integrating business processes, applications and networked infrastructure," said Mr. Barry Lam, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Quanta. "We could not have achieved what we have achieved without our relationship with Cisco. Cisco is a valued business partner, providing us not only with solutions but also with inspiration in our business and technology."

This Quanta project is Cisco's first large-scale intelligent building in Asia Pacific. By harnessing the power of the network, Cisco created the intelligent building of the future, the benchmark for future R&D facilities within Quanta and its affiliated companies. The intelligent building not only features optimized building performance, but also supports the creation of sophisticated services and enables operational efficiencies throughout the entire building.

The new complex was built with the goal of attracting top talent worldwide, and the company required that it must provide a technologically advanced environment, characterized by enhanced productivity, a flexible work setting, an innovative and collaborative environment, and network security.

All these requirements can be met by converging IT and building services. The business-focused architectural approach is powered by Cisco's advanced technologies including wireless, IP telephony, storage, optical, storage area networking and security.

To help ensure customer success, Cisco, Quanta and partners IBM and PCCW Limited followed a lifecycle services approach, a proven deployment methodology that aligns Quanta's business and technical requirements through all six phases of a network lifecycle. The six phases are: prepare, plan, design, implement, operate and optimize.

The lifecycle services process not only ensures smooth transition from one phase to another regardless which partner is delivering the services, but also enables transfer of necessary technology skills to customers for network support.

In the earliest phases of preparation and planning, Cisco helped Quanta establish its business architecture through an ROI study. Cisco also collaborated with Quanta to create a technology vision, supported by a high-level conceptual design and an architecture diagram. These laid a solid foundation for the subsequent design and implementation phases and for the execution and implementation which followed.

With the use of a proven deployment methodology and automated tools throughout the entire lifecycle, Cisco has also greatly reduced Quanta's time-to-market, which is of enormous significance to a player in the highly competitive PC manufacturing industry.

"We are proud to work with the world's largest laptop PC maker and help align their business and technology needs through a collaborative relationship. The network was designed, tested and built by leading engineers from across the globe and in Taiwan," said Owen Chan, President, Cisco Asia Pacific. "We work to ensure customers' success with Cisco technologies. Success is not merely about implementation, but the creation of values by aligning business needs with technological solutions and maintaining this alignment as business conditions evolve. This project demonstrates how such success is achievable."

About Quanta

Quanta Computer Inc., founded in 1988 in Taiwan and with annual turnover of over US$10 billion dollars, is a leading provider of technology products and solutions to Fortune 500 companies such as Dell, HP, IBM and others. Quanta holds the distinction as the world's largest manufacturer of laptop PCs and makes approximately 1 in every 4 laptop PCs globally. Quanta also provides a full array of mobile phones, LCD TVs and servers and storage products. Quanta's success is made possible by the company's ability to provide customers with high value added services ranging from innovative product development, flexible manufacturing and real-time supply chain management to after sales service and support.

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