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AIS Evolves Mobile Network to IP with Next-Generation IP- Based STP and Signalling Gateway Solution over Cisco ITP

BANGKOK, Thailand and HONG KONG, November 14, 2005 - AIS,
Nov 14, 2005

BANGKOK, Thailand and HONG KONG, November 14, 2005 - AIS, Thailand's leading GSM mobile provider, has deployed a leading-edge signalling system 7 over Internet Protocol solution (SS7oIP) from Cisco Systems® as part of its master plan to evolve its network to an all IP-based network. Introducing the SS7oIP is the first significant step in the third-generation (3G) wireless network infrastructure and services.

The SS7oIP solution from Cisco is deployed to handle increasing traffic volumes of SS7 traffic on AIS's signalling network. The innovative solution, based on Cisco IP Transfer Point (ITP), harnesses the power of IP. Fully compliant with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) signalling transport (SIGTRAN) standard, Cisco ITP radically improves the efficiency of traditional SS7 networks by replacing Nx64kbps circuits connections with IP.

"We would like to evolve the existing SS7 network into next-generation SIGTRAN infrastructure that supports flexible design and provide higher capacities for signalling transport. We were looking for a platform that offers us stability, reliability and a path to the future. After evaluating the different alternatives, we decided that Cisco's ITP solution was the best solution," said Kriengsak Wanichnatee, AIS vice president - Technology Management.

"AIS will be able to rapidly scale its SS7 networks by moving traffic onto an IP backbone. Such a migration yields significant operational efficiencies that are translated to the operator's bottom-line profits," said Asawin Kangvolkij, managing director, Cisco Systems Thailand.

Cisco IP Transfer Point (ITP) is a next generation SS7oIP platform that is also equipped with all the traditional signalling transfer point (STP) capabilities. It can be deployed as a signalling gateway, STP, or SMS-gateway, and in important new applications such as SMS Anti-spamming. Currently, Cisco ITP has been widely deployed around the region, including in Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Korea.

"The AIS SS7oIP network will deliver immediate benefit in network efficiency, reliability, and scalable SS7 transport. In addition, Cisco's ITP provides a scalable signaling network on which to launch future value-added services such as multi-media & interactive messaging, gaming, and personalization. The ITP was created specifically for STP functionality in an IP packet environment. The fact that Cisco's IP technology is the basis for signaling infrastructure is solid proof that Cisco provides real benefit to the mobile wireless and service provider markets," said Tony Jeffs, director of marketing for ITP, Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Advance Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS is an affiliation of Shin Corporation. From being an operator in Computer business, now a mobile network provider of analogue cellular 900 and digital GSM. Today, it is widely accepted that AIS is the leading provider of mobile network system in Thailand.