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TELUS First-to-market with End Point Security Agent, Provides Network Protection Against 'Zero Day' Virus Attacks

Toronto, ON - October 18, 2005 - TELUS today announced the
Oct 18, 2005

Toronto, ON - October 18, 2005 - TELUS today announced the launch of TELUS End Point Security Agent, the latest addition to its comprehensive managed security solutions portfolio. Unlike traditional desktop security solutions, TELUS End Point Security Agent analyzes suspicious IT behavior rather than relying on email or file signature-matching to identify worms and viruses. Employing industry-leading technology from Cisco Systems, TELUS is the first-to-market in Canada with this product as a fully managed solution.

TELUS End Point Security Agent takes computer protection to a new level by monitoring computer behaviour to find suspicious actions. Designed to help customers more effectively manage and mitigate virus-based risks posed to network systems and applications, the solution provides worry-free protection from increasingly complex and malicious viruses like the recent Zotob worm attack.

"TELUS End Point Security Agent is like a security guard patrolling the inside of a computer watching for threatening activities and then arresting the perpetrator. Whereas most viruses are clearly identified, some are not and these are the most dangerous. TELUS is ensuring business continuity when faced with the most advanced attacks modern hackers can perpetuate. Our customers benefit from the broadest and most robust suite of security solutions available in Canada," said Rick Shih, TELUS director, integrated network management and managed security.

TELUS End Point Security Agent responds to increasing business concerns over "Zero Day" attacks. "Zero Day" refers to what IT pundits see as an eventuality: the day a hacker sends a virus "exploit" to destroy software on the same day a software patch is distributed, leaving companies with "zero days" to defend their systems. The delay between when the vulnerability is discovered and the development of exploits continues to decrease at an alarming rate. Recent studies have shown that an exploit can be written and deployed in six days, but the average time for companies to patch machines is 54 days, leaving the company potentially exposed for weeks.

"With the escalating frequency and increasingly significant impact of computer viruses, security is a key concern for every business manager," said Christian Bazinet, director, market development for Cisco Systems Canada. "TELUS is leading the Canadian market in providing the first fully managed zero-day threat mitigation tool to effectively protect any organization's business network and assets from viruses. End Point Security Agent delivers tangible security benefits, greater protection of business-critical applications, and all with minimal IT staff requirement." Joe Greene, vice-president, IT Security Research, IDC Canada, added, "In today's complex security environment many organizations do not have the time or resources to properly guard against the growing threats from viruses. In such cases, managed services can solve time and resource issues and often prove more economical than a 'do-it-yourself' solution."

In addition to virus protection, TELUS End Point Security Agent provides a variety of other IT security features including the prevention of host intrusion, enforcement of corporate security policies, spyware/adware protection, distributed firewall capabilities and operating-system integrity assurance.

TELUS has been providing security solutions to businesses since 1996. TELUS' Enterprise Security Consulting Solutions provide a competitive edge to business through comprehensive multi-faceted packages that are customized and managed to fit the needs of each customer. Through services, including VPN, Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Authentication, DDoS, IPS and SSL VPN, End Point Enforcement and End Point Security Agent, TELUS integrates security solutions into its entire business solutions portfolio, ensuring that security is not treated merely as a stand-alone feature but rather as a cornerstone of the portfolio.


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