News Release

LIVE from Silicon Valley, The First-Ever Virtual Opening and Closing Bell Ceremonies of NASDAQ Market

Cisco and NASDAQ team up to showcase power of the network and celebrate Cisco's 20th anniversary
Aug 03, 2005



For the first time in over 34 years, The NASDAQ Stock Market will open and close outside of its MarketSite studio in Times Square. At Cisco's headquarters in San Jose, almost 3,000 miles away, Cisco and NASDAQ will recreate the Marketsite experience, including a replica of the NASDAQ video wall and electronic podium seen at the opening and closing bell ceremonies.

With the use of a highly secure, IP-Network, this event highlights how The NASDAQ Stock market can be opened, regardless of time or physical location, bringing together millions of investors and market participants to celebrate the opening and closing of the trading day.

The event will showcase the power of networking technology and will end a year-long celebration of Cisco's 20th anniversary and the company's commitment to innovation, technology leadership and social responsibility.

Who: John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems; and
Bob Greifeld, President and CEO of The NASDAQ Stock Market; and approximately 2,000 Cisco employees in San Jose.
When: Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony:
0620 - 0635 PDT / 0920 - 0935 EDT

NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony:
1250 - 1305 PDT / 1550 - 1605 EDT
Where: Cisco's Corporate Headquarters
300 Tasman Drive (Building 10)
San Jose, CA 95134

The Opening and Closing Bell ceremonies will also be broadcast from San Jose in closed caption, live on NASDAQ's MarketSite Tower in Times Square, New York.

A live Webcast of the open and closing of the NASDAQ market will be available at:
And also on Cisco's News@Cisco website:

Virtual Open:

Virtual Close:


For NY broadcasters, the opening and closing feeds are available in New York on Ascent 1623.

The opening feed will be broadcast from 0620 - 0635 PDT / 0920 - 0935 EDT. This feed can be found on IA-5, Transponder 14, C-Band. D/L frequency is 3980 Horizontal. Audio 6.2-6.8

The closing feed will be broadcast from 1250 - 1305 PDT / 1550 -1605 EDT. This feed can be found on IA-6, Transponder 17, C-Band. D/L frequency is 4040 Vertical. Audio 6.2-6.8

Behind the scenes B-Roll will be fed via satellite at: 0605 - 0610 PDT / 0905 - 0910 EDT. This feed can be found via NASDAQ on Satellite IA-5 / Transponder 14 - C Band. D/L Frequency is 3980 Horizontal. Audio 6.2-6.8.

Previously fed B-Roll plus footage from Opening Bell Ceremony will be fed via satellite at: 0910 - 0920 PDT / 1210 - 1220 EDT via PSSI/Cisco on IA-6 Transponder 9, Slots A&B, 18 MHz digital, C-Band. D/L. Frequency is 3871 Vertical. Orbital: 93 degrees West. 4.2.0 Symbol Rate: 10.00 Mysm. Data Rate: 13.823529. FEC: ¾

RSVP: To ensure security clearance, please RSVP by contacting Heather Goodwin at (408)526-5205.
N.B. Contact Cisco or NASDAQ to arrange 1:1 media interviews.