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New Program Rewards Channel Partners for Creating and Delivering Business Solutions

Solution Incentive Program Fosters the Creation of Solutions Using Cisco Technology
Apr 04, 2005

CISCO PARTNER SUMMIT 2005, VANCOUVER, April 4, 2005 - As part of its continuing commitment to improve channel partner profitability and increase customer satisfaction, Cisco Systems® (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced a new program that rewards its channel partners for integrating packaged applications and partner services with Cisco® technology to create innovative solutions for specific industries or business functions.

The Solution Incentive Program (SIP) supports collaboration between networking partners and application developers to provide greater customer value. Unlike other channel programs, SIP is non-prescriptive, allowing channel partners to bring innovative business solutions to Cisco. To qualify for the program, channel partners must complete a prequalification process. Once prequalified, channel partners are eligible to register opportunities and receive incremental benefits and compensation for closing solution-based deals.

"SIP rewards partners for creating an applications-based solutions practice that takes advantage of the full capabilities of the network," said Edison Peres, vice president, Advanced and Core Technologies, Worldwide Channels at Cisco. "Customers benefit from the creation of innovative business solutions that address a specific business need, and channel partners benefit by delivering solutions that garner great customer value, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and profitability."

"The Solution Incentive Program actively encourages partners to build a trusted advisor relationship with their customers by addressing their IT needs at a much more strategic level," said Ken Presti, IDC. "The program reaches beyond Cisco's own offerings in a way that is largely customized by the partner, which helps to preserve the integrity of each partner's own strategy and vision."

"Cisco's Solution Incentive Program (SIP) allows McKesson and our mutual customers to benefit from the true value our solution provides, combining our intimate knowledge of the healthcare industry, the depth of experience with healthcare applications with the integration of the network as part of the overall solution," stated Eric Ringwall, vice president, general manager, Technology Services Group at McKesson, a Cisco certified partner and healthcare services and information technology provider. "Our customers benefit because with SIP, we compete on value, allowing everyone a faster route to success. We believe our new, improved relationship with Cisco will help us keep our customers successful and ensure patient safety and satisfaction."

"HP is a solutions partner with Cisco in many different areas. Through Cisco's Solutions Incentive Program, specifically our i-Building/Connected Real Estate offering, we are able to differentiate our unique value proposition, thereby increasing customer intimacy, satisfaction and value creation," said Andy Isherwood, vice president, Enterprise, HP EMEA. "This focus on value-added services helps add to the bottom line and grow our revenues."

Program Requirements

The prequalification process requires partners to submit a business plan and solution reference architecture. Eligible solutions must be based on a Cisco advanced technology, include one or more business-relevant applications as well as full integration services. The solution must also be repeatable and expand the need for network bandwidth. To be eligible for the program, the channel partner must hold Cisco certified and specialized designations in the relevant advanced technology for their solution and have a focused sales staff selling the solution.

SIP is available worldwide through a standard prequalification and deal-registration process. However, each Cisco sales region will determine the timing of its local SIP launch date. For more information about the Solution Incentive Program, visit:

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