News Release

Cisco Systems Charts Strategy for Intelligent Information Networks in Vietnam

Appoints New General Director for Country Operations
Feb 23, 2005

HANOI, Vietnam - February 23, 2005 - Cisco Systems® has outlined its strategy to help customers in Vietnam build Intelligent Information Networks. The Intelligent Information Network is Cisco's vision and strategy for the network's evolution from basic connectivity products to unified network systems that will serve as the foundation for a complete business architecture.

The company also announced the appointment of Mr. James Chia as general director for its Vietnam operations, reaffirming its commitment to its customers in the country. Reporting to Mr. Vorkon Patra-Yanan, regional managing director for Indochina, Mr. Chia will be managing Cisco's business operations in the country.

Cisco's operation in Vietnam has grown significantly in the recent years, and Cisco is continuing to allocate more resources in terms of personnel and support in the country.

"Vietnam is a very important country for Cisco and we want to reinforce our long-term commitment to helping increase national wealth through the use of Internet business solutions and Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking," said Mr. Patra-Yanan. "Cisco's open, end-to-end IP infrastructure provides a foundation for a range of productivity-enhancing applications, simplifies application development, and enhances the ability for companies to collaborate with partners, suppliers, and customers."

An Intelligent Information Network gives customers the foundation to eliminate the "physical boundaries" of the traditional wired world and provide end-users with a transparent experience across applications, services, processes and the infrastructure. Cisco's customers in the country such as Vietnam Datacommunication Company (VDC), a subsidiary of Vietnam Post & Telecom (VNPT), have made significant progress toward this Intelligent Information Network. VDC is building an advanced network that will enable it to roll out a full range of services, including IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) virtual private networks (VPNs), business-class broadband, and IP telephony to its corporate customers.

In addition to helping its customers build out the Intelligent Information Network, Cisco is also helping in the development of IP networking skills amongst the next generation of Vietnamese workers through the Cisco Networking Academy® Program. In partnership with educational institutions, the academy program curriculum uses technologies associated with networking and the Internet to impart skills for how to plan, build and deploy those same networks to students. There are currently 14 universities in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat and Hue, running the Networking Academy program with 1,000 participating students. More than 1,300 graduates have graduated from the program in Vietnam.

The new general director for Cisco in Vietnam, Mr. James Chia has the necessary experience to help organisations take advantage of IP networking technologies. Mr. Chia has been with Cisco for over six years serving in a variety of leadership positions including managing director for Singapore. His previous appointment in Cisco was in leading the advanced technologies initiative in South Asia. Cisco's advanced technologies represent the future of the company and include IP telephony, security, wireless LAN, storage networking, optical and home networking.

"I am pleased that James has accepted the job of leading our operations in Vietnam. He is a proven natural leader with an excellent customer-focused attitude. He was managing director of Cisco's Singapore operations in the very challenging economic situation in 2002 and proved his abilities to lead his team under great pressure. He did that by staying faithful to Cisco's primary objective of helping our customers lower operational costs and increase productivity through innovative Internet business solutions," said Mr. Patra-Yanan.

Mr. Chia joined Cisco in December 1998 from IBM. In his 7 years as a client manager for the Banking, Finance and Securities Industry at IBM, Mr. Chia's successful track record was recognised through consecutive awards of the Personal Achievement and Manager's Award as well as the Managing Director's and Golden Circle Award.