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Allens Arthur Robinson Legal Selects Network Security Solution from Cisco

Cisco and Data#3 deploy identity-based security solution to improve information security for leading legal firm
Dec 20, 2004

SYDNEY, Australia December 20, 2004 - Cisco Systems® and Data#3 Limited (ASX:DTL) have provided an identity-based network-security solution for leading law firm, Allens Arthur Robinson (AAR). The solution will help AAR improve staff access to information, thus improving productivity, without compromising network security across the Asia Pacific region.

Data#3, a Cisco® Gold Certified Partner, designed and deployed Cisco's Identity Based Networking Services (IBNS) solution for AAR. The IBNS solution helps ensure that only devices that comply with AAR's Information Technology (IT) security policies are able to access the AAR corporate network. Originally deployed in AAR's Shanghai offices, the solution is now being rolled out to 1,600 users across offices in the Asia Pacific region, including four Australian locations.

IBNS provides an integrated authentication and access control solution to help protect AAR's network from day-to-day risks inherent in the firm's operations because many staff travel across the region.

IBNS will help ensure that AAR can provide its workforce with a secure online environment, particularly when they are working away from their local-area network (LAN). It will also help AAR to enable visiting partners and contractors to connect to the AAR LAN without compromising the security of the network. For instance, a contractor visiting AAR's office in Singapore and wanting to connect an unauthorised device to the network will now be directed to a guest network. The guest network will enable the contractor to access the Internet, and perhaps a printer, without accessing the corporate network.

Robert Thomson, national security manager for AAR Asia Pacific, said; "Our business relies heavily on the confidentiality and integrity of IT services. Viruses and unauthorised data access can be a huge interruption and we are constantly seeking ways to reduce attacks while making sure that our staff and visitors are able to use the AAR network productively. Data#3 has been Allens' preferred IT services provider for several years. When we needed to look for a security solution to address the business issue, we went straight to Data#3. The IBNS solution from Cisco and Data#3 is providing tremendous peace of mind."

Mr Thomson said AAR was embarking on a self-defending network strategy, to enable the network to more effectively respond to attacks from viruses, worms and other forms of malware.

As part of that strategy, Mr Thomson said AAR will also pilot the Cisco Trust Agent, which collects security information from multiple antivirus software clients and delivers it to the network, as well as the Cisco Network Access Control (NAC) solution, which enforces security-policy compliance to all devices from handheld PCs to servers, limiting damage from viruses and worms.

Ross Fowler, Cisco managing director, Australia and New Zealand, said; "Allens Arthur Robinson is a great example of a leading professional company with many employees requiring access to critical company information as they travel across many countries. More and more, organisations like AAR are enabling proactive security solutions to protect their information networks to help them proactively defend against an increasing array of attacks on the network."

Brett Kullman, principal specialist for Networking and Security with Data#3 said; "Data#3 is well-placed to add value to AAR's technology infrastructure given our longstanding relationship. As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner we have specialisations in both security and IP communications. We were able to look at AAR's business requirements and design a solution that proactively secures the organisation by granting network access to authorised devices only."