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Cisco Scores Touchdown with its Business Video Solution

High School Football Game Streamed Live to Thousands via Internet Cisco Technology, Expertise and Community Support Enable First of Its Kind Web Broadcast
Nov 24, 2004

SAN JOSE, Calif., November 24, 2004 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced that its Cisco Business Video Solution helped enable Cincinnati-based Elder High School, to broadcast a varsity football game live on the Internet to more than 10,000 viewers across three continents.

Cisco and Interactive Video Technologies teamed to provide the solution, and the Elder High students set up the cameras and hardware equipment, scripted, directed, and shot the game along with live personal interviews. The result was an unprecedented streaming event that included other features such as viewer polls, player's photos, and survey questions to be answered live by Prep Sports Radio Network (PSRN) broadcasters.

"Cisco is extremely proud to be a part of this groundbreaking streaming event that took place at Elder High," said Mike Mitchell, senior director of Cisco Media Network, Cisco Systems. "We originally created the Business Video Solution to improve Cisco's internal communications, and to now see it implemented in all types of organizations - especially in the education sector - is extremely rewarding. We look forward to continuing to see other schools and varied organizations grow and improve communications and agility through the use of Cisco video solutions."

Utilizing Cisco's IP networking products and best-in-breed third party solutions, the Cisco Business Video Solution is a holistic approach to video production, distribution and usage, based on nearly a decade of Cisco's internal experience in designing, implementing and managing an integrated, company-wide streaming and VoD solution. The solution includes a set of three guides that provide the prescribed planning and operational procedures, best practices and recommended IP infrastructure for organizations to seamlessly create, manage and deploy a full suite of web-based video solutions.

"Elder High School is rated by USAToday as one of the ten best places to watch a high school football game in the nation. Our school is also one of the best at integrating technology - as evidenced by our leadership role in the state for webcasting school events," said Jerry Hamburg, Technology Director at Elder. "The student-produced webcast was a resounding success with many highlights, including communicating live with Elder High School alumni from all around the world during the football game. There was an overwhelmingly positive response and we would like to thank Cisco and IVT for making this possible."

The live streaming event at Elder High was covered by the local Fox news channel. To view the VoD, go to

For more information about Elder High School, please visit

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The Cisco Media Network (CMN) is a platform built on Cisco's IP infrastructure and tools for delivering rich media (video, audio, Flash) content to Cisco employees, partners and customers. In addition to utilizing Cisco routers and switches for high Quality of Service (QoS) and multicast delivery, the CMN is built on a network of ACNS Content Engines, which service more than 100 remote sites worldwide. On average, the CMN hosts 45 live streaming events and delivers more than 300 new VoD offerings per month for about 40,000 viewers.