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Ambergris Converges Voice and Data Traffic over Network Built with Equipment from Cisco Systems

MANILA, Philippines - November 26, 2004 - Ambergris
Nov 26, 2004

MANILA, Philippines - November 26, 2004 - Ambergris Solutions, a leading Philippine-based provider of call center services to companies in Canada and the United States, has completed the deployment of a converged IP (Internet Protocol)-based network built with equipment from Cisco Systems®.

At the core of Ambergris' network are Cisco Catalyst® 6500 switches and Cisco MGX® 8000 series carrier voice gateways, which enable the integration of voice and data traffic. This infrastructure plays an important role in defining Ambergris' competitive advantage for its North American customers - a fully-integrated multi-channel service, that encompasses voice, e-mail, fax and web-based support, and that employs cutting-edge technology.

Said Dave Crawford, vice president of Ambergis, "The Ambergris Solution is powered by Cisco's IP infrastructure, which we use to transport calls to our contact centers in the Philippines. It is important for our clients to have clear communications and perfect connections every time, and we are pleased with the reliability of the Cisco network."

Ambergris' technology infrastructure includes state-of-the-art switching and call distribution equipment, call management, workforce management and digital recording systems, and computer telephony integration. The Ambergris network features multiple layers of redundancy, not only over diverse sub-sea cable systems, but also in the local loop, where network outages are traditionally most likely to occur.

"IP communications is revolutionizing the customer contact center business. Converging voice and data over an IP network provides companies like Ambergris to build the foundation of what Cisco calls the Customer Interaction Network," said Luichi Robles, country manager for Cisco Systems Philippines. "This is a distributed, IP-based intelligent information network that comprises an evolving suite of innovative, multi-channel services and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. These services and applications provide enhanced responsiveness and streamlined customer exchanges to help companies deliver superior customer service."

Ambergris Solutions contact center facilities are located at the Ortigas business center and at the newly opened Market! Market! Mall along C5. All their facilities run on Cisco infrastructure.

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