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Cisco Systems Equipment Deployed in Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank's Nation-wide IP Network

End-to-end Cisco network helps one of Thailand's leading banks to increase transactional speed, quality of service and security
Aug 19, 2004

BANGKOK, Thailand - August 19, 2004 - Cisco Systems® announced today that Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank, one of Thailand's leading banks, has built a modern, high-speed IP (Internet Protocol) network linking its head office in Bangkok with its 41 branches. The network was built with equipment from Cisco and provides the bank with a foundation on which to deliver high-speed, reliable and secure banking transactions for its 1 million customers in Thailand.

The core of Standard Chartered Nakornthon's network comprises of Cisco Catalyst® 6500 intelligent multilayer modular switches, Cisco Catalyst 3500 switches, and Cisco 3600 and 2600 Series multiservice access routers. The end-to-end Cisco network helps Standard Chartered to deliver new applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) to its branch offices, reducing telecommunications costs. The network also enhances the banks' business continuance process by improving the speed, reliability and security of transactions between its data center and its disaster recovery center.

"Standard Chartered Nakornthon has developed a strong reputation in Thailand over the past 100 years. We continue to build on that reputation by integrating technology to improve our operations and enhancing the customer experience. The end-to-end Cisco network will enable us to continue to deliver leading-edge banking applications while improving our back-end operations. We are very pleased with the results," said Mr. Premchit Visesphaetaya, head of Information Technology at Standard Chartered Nakornthon.

Like other leading banks around the world, Standard Chartered Nakornthon is using the Internet and networked applications to not only help develop new delivery channels and provide competitive customer care, but to lower operational costs and improve employee efficacy.

"Standard Chartered Nakornthon is a highly-regarded institution in Thailand and its commitment to the country for over 100 years is a lesson for all multinationals. Another strong characteristic of the bank is its pioneering use of technology. Cisco worked very closely with Standard Chartered Nakornthon and helped them developed a networking technology strategy that will help connect the bank with its customers, suppliers, partners and employees. We look forward to future collaborations with them especially as they start to look at applications such as IP-enabled automated teller machines and IP-based contact centers," said Asawin Kangvolkij, managing director, Thailand, Cisco Systems.

About Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank

Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank Public Limited was originally established as Nakornthon Bank in September 1933. It became a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in November 1983.

On 10 September 1999, Standard Chartered acquired 75 percent of the equity and full management control of Nakornthon Bank and renamed it Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank Public Company Limited. The Bank aims to strengthen growth of business with a provision of products and services of international standard to customers and to build up the Bank as a leading commercial bank in Thailand. Its aim is to improve its competitive position by building market share and investment in chosen segments of the Market. Standard chartered Nakornthon Bank operates through 41 branches and two core businesses: Consumer Banking and Wholesale Banking. Consumer Banking comprises of credit card, personal loans, Priority Banking and investment services. Wholesale Banking which serves large corporate clients, consists of Commercial Banking and Global Markets.

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