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Cisco Systems Provides Brembo with IP Communications Infrastructure

Provider of brakes for Ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche incorporates Cisco IP telephony, wireless and security in new state-of-the-art factory site to reduce costs and improve employee productivity
May 27, 2004

ITALY, May 27, 2004 - Cisco Systems today announced that it will provide a portfolio of Cisco IP communications solutions including IP telephony, unified messaging, wireless IP phones and network security to Italian based Brembo the world-leading producer of brake systems for cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and for racing.

Brembo's braking systems are mounted in several high performance cars such as Mercedes, Ferrari and Porsche. In 2006/2007, the company will open a new state-of-the-art factory site named "Kilometro Rosso", based in Bergamo, Italy. The development of this new site inspired the company to incorporate an up-to-date networking and communications infrastructure including Cisco IP Telephony, Cisco wireless IP phones, unified messaging and a security firewall. Because of the inherent flexibility and projected longevity of IP technology, Brembo ultimately decided on the Cisco solution.

In the first phase of the deployment, which began in February, Brembo will install 200 Cisco IP phones for the office environment. In addition, Cisco wireless 7920G IP phones will be used by workers on the factory floor who are not fixed at one location. Previously mobile phones were used for this purpose, which were proving to be very expensive and could not guarantee data-voice integration as required by Brembo.

In addition, Cisco Systems provided 170 Cisco Unity unified messaging seats to Brembo. The Cisco Unity solution delivers every e-mail, voice and fax messages to a single inbox. This means Brembo workers can listen to e-mails over the telephone and check voice messages from the Internet or from company PDAs. Cisco also provided network security for the site with the Cisco PIX 515 Series Firewall.

Pierpaolo Crovetti, director of ICT, Brembo, said: "Cisco has provided us with a complete solution for all of our ICT requirements. Transferring to an IP-based communications solution makes perfect sense - not only are we saving money by using the wireless phones but we are also experiencing real benefits in convenience, flexibility and mobility. At last we have a WiFi solution that is not just for storehouse or plant, but is at the focal point of voice and data integration in the firm."

Kaan Terzioglu, Managing Director of Advanced Technology, Cisco Systems, said: "This deployment is significant because of its scale and how it demonstrates that manufacturing companies can really benefit from IP telephony. In particular, it is the combination of IP telephony with WiFi technology which provides the added level of flexibility which is essential in a busy manufacturing environment."

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