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New Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport Showcases Cisco Intelligent Airport Solutions

SITA and Cisco Systems Collaborate to Implement Joint Solution to Streamline Operations, Improve Security and Drive New Services
Mar 30, 2004

TORONTO, Canada and SAN JOSE, Calif., March 30, 2004 - Cisco Systems® and the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) today announced that a Cisco® Intelligent Airport Solution will form the foundation to deliver dramatic operational and passenger benefits, making the new $4.4 billion (CAD) terminal at Toronto Pearson International Airport a next generation showcase for airports around the world.

Cisco Intelligent Airport Solutions - a flexible, scalable and intelligent network solution specifically designed for the air transportation industry - will help enable the GTAA to converge 14 separate networks and 11 information silos into a single, more secure network at the new terminal. This resilient communications infrastructure integrates data, voice and video to benefit the airport, airlines, travelers, tenants and partners. By integrating Cisco's networking solutions with SITA's new AirportConnect platform, the GTAA is able to make the promise of a common-use facility a reality, supporting both dedicated and shared-use systems including baggage and passenger processing.

"Airport executives are under heavy pressure to provide secure transportation while reducing costs, implementing new business processes and driving new services, said James Burke, vice president, Information Technology and Telecommunications at the GTAA. "We view the network as the foundation of our business and operations strategy to create a secure common-communications infrastructure, enable new applications, and offer a service-oriented environment for the airport"

"Cisco has worked closely with the GTAA to establish the new Terminal 1 as a world-class facility. As a result of our collaboration, the airport of the future is here today," said Terry Walsh, president of Cisco Systems Canada. "By providing technology, services and vision, Cisco is helping the GTAA drive new levels of efficiency, security and responsiveness for the air transportation industry."

"Working with GTAA and Cisco, SITA has created a truly open-system IT platform supporting the cost and efficiency advantages of a shared-use community, while accommodating the flexibility and control of a dedicated one," said John Jarrell, senior vice president, Airport and Desktop Services, SITA INC. "With Cisco Intelligent Airport Solutions and SITA's AirportConnect passenger processing, self-service kiosks, and integrated baggage solutions, GTAA becomes the leader in airport IT systems"

Cisco and SITA at Work at GTAA

The new Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson will open on April 6, 2004. Cisco's networking systems and SITA's airport platforms and applications will help enable a wide range of operational benefits, including:

  • Enhanced safety and security for travelers, baggage and airport workers and visitors.
  • Operational efficiency and flexibility, and reduced costs: Optimize capacity (15 percent improvement at Toronto Pearson) and productivity; deliver new applications or services at a lower cost; decrease network, maintenance, and training costs; streamline passenger flow.
  • New revenues and services: Offer customized services that integrate voice, video and data to airlines, travelers and tenants.
  • Network security, resiliency and responsiveness: Protect against internal and external network and data infrastructure threats and outages.

Cisco Intelligent Airport Solutions:

Cisco has designed this set of networking business solutions for the air transportation industry that provides a cohesive, resilient, and responsive airport operating environment. Cisco Intelligent Airport Solutions help enable the following:

Security Solutions

  • Physical Security: Networks for video surveillance and access control systems.
  • Emergency Response: Wired and wireless communications network to help enable security personnel to communicate rapidly with passengers, airlines, government agencies or personnel, and first responders.
  • Network Security: Consistent security services across the network for network perimeter security, data privacy, network monitoring, intrusion detection, and firewalls.

Networking Solutions for Common Use Environments

  • Flexible Gates: Integrated voice/data network with IP Telephony integrated with common use check-in and gate applications, such as SITA AirportConnect. This enables multi-airline gate utilization, delivery of differentiated services/applications to airlines, and reduced airline gate costs over time.
  • Self-Service Kiosks: Fixed and wireless networking for passenger check-in, ticketing and airport information services via service counters, kiosks, and remote access sites to improve passenger flow and space utilization.
  • Integrated Baggage Solutions: Common network infrastructure to integrate baggage tracking and passenger reconciliation applications with security infrastructure to enhance security, improve customer service, and reduce the cost of mishandled baggage.

Wireless Internet Access Solutions

  • Passengers: Cisco Mobile Office offers helps secure passenger Internet access to increasepassenger productivity and access to airport services.
  • Operations: Wireless access to operational systems, applications and data to decrease facility infrastructure costs and increase operational flexibility.

The Cisco Intelligent Airports Solutions initiative is part of a larger set of Cisco solutions announced today under the program name "Cisco Intelligent Transportation." (See: Cisco March 30 press release titled: Cisco Unveils Comprehensive Suite of Networking Solutions for Transportation Industry).

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