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Cisco Systems Sets Up its first "Optical Compliance Lab" for the Asia Pacific Region in India

The newly inaugurated lab will address its customers in India & the region
Mar 23, 2004

BANGALORE, March 22, 2004 - Cisco Systems, Inc., the world wide leader in networking for the Internet, today inaugurated its first "Optical Compliance Lab" for the Asia Pacific region in Bangalore, India. The high-end testing/compliance lab will do bench testing and customized testing of Cisco's optical products for it's customers in India and the Asia Pacific region. It will also enable Cisco to test/demonstrate its optical products in India to customers and the government that will help in gaining regulatory approvals for the products.

With this Optical Lab Cisco will be able to provide enhanced support to customers and regulatory bodies in India and the region.

Inaugurating the lab, Jayshree Ullal, SVP Optical Networking Group, Cisco Systems Inc. said, "The Asia Pacific region is driving the growth in the telecom infrastructure market today. The region is leading the way in cutting edge technology deployments including optical networks. India is a key market in this region and is also an IT engineering hub for the world. These are the reasons for Cisco selecting India as a destination to set up the lab". She added, "Cisco has future plans to equip this lab with testing and measuring equipment for additional optical technologies such as storage extensions over DWDM and metro optical Ethernet. The lab will also act as proof of concept center for Cisco's next generation optical products/solutions."

The new "Optical Compliance Lab" will enable testing of Cisco's optical products at speeds ranging from E1 up to STM16 as specified by ITU-T standard and can be further upgraded to support higher speeds as the customer requires. It will act as a proof of concept center for Cisco customers in the Asia Pacific region who can come to India and see hands on demonstration/testing of Cisco's latest optical products.

ITU-T SDH Standards
Bit Rate Abbreviated SDH SDH Capacity
51.84 Mbit/s 51 Mbit/s STM-0 21 E1
155.52 Mbit/s 155 Mbit/s STM-1 63 E1 or 1 E4
622.08 Mbit/s 622 Mbit/s STM-4 252 E1 or 4 E4
2488.32 Mbit/s 2.4 Gbit/s STM-16 1008 E1 or 16 E4
9953.28 Mbit/s 10 Gbit/s STM-64 4032 E1 or 64 E4
39813.12 Mbit/s 40 Gbit/s STM-256 16128 E1 or 256 E4

STM = Synchronous Transport Module

The lab comprises of a Network Simulator, to simulate the network conditions and to test the performance parameters as per the ITU-T standards and test equipment to measure the physical layer parameters as specified in ITU-T.