News Release

ePLDT and Phil-Data Business Systems, Inc. Appointed Cisco Premier Certified Channels

ComNet, HPS and Ng Khai Achieve Re-Certification
Feb 06, 2004

MANILA, Philippines - February 6, 2004 - Cisco Systems® has appointed ePLDT Incorporated (ePLDT) and Phil-Data Business Systems, Inc. as its newest Premier Certified Channels in the Philippines. This brings the total number of Cisco® Premier Certified systems integrators and resellers to 12.

Premier certified companies must meet Cisco's requirements for individual career certification achievements, customer satisfaction targets, and pre- and post-sales support capabilities. They also typically have to be specialized in one key Cisco technology.

"Cisco's commitment to providing customers networking solutions that help them meet evolving requirements efficiently means that scalability and compatibility are cornerstones of all our products. It is therefore essential that expertise and intimate knowledge of the technology are goals for our systems integrators and resellers," said Luichi Robles, country manager, Cisco Systems Philippines. "ePLDT and Phil-Data have demonstrated the commitment to customer excellence by investing in the resources that enable them to meet the high standards set by Cisco. We also recognize the efforts that ComNet, HPS and Ng Khai have put in by maintaining their Premier status."

Premier Certified Channels achieve the first Cisco certification level by completing sales and technical training, and meeting other base requirements. ePLDT and Phil-Data both have Wireless Local Access Network (LAN) specializations from Cisco in recognition of their knowledge and expertise in building and maintaining end-to-end wireless network connections throughout or between buildings. Specifically, this specialization focuses on the Cisco Aironet® wireless LAN products with applications for enterprise, small and medium-sized business customers.

"Cisco's certification and training support allow us to continually improve and enhance our product and technology knowledge. This not only gives us credibility in the marketplace but proves invaluable in customer interactions as well as backend collaboration," said Emmanuel Dizon, chief information officer, ePLDT, the information and communications technology company (ICT) of telecommunications giant, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company.

"Achieving Cisco Certified Premier status further adds value to our being a total IT solutions provider. Our certification is evidence of our desire to strengthen our networking product and service offerings that will ultimately benefit our customers," says Dino Bartolome, vice president for Corporate IT Division, Phil-Data. Three other companies received renewals of their Certified Cisco Premier status: Computer Network Systems Corporation (ComNet), HPS Software and Communications Corp., and Ng Khai Development Corp.

"Certifications are designed to reward partners for their expertise in Cisco products," added Cisco's Robles. "With the continued success of an increasing number of companies in the Cisco Channel Program, customers are assured of an unparalleled level of quality, as well as technical and service excellence."

Computer Network Systems Corporation (COMNET) is one of the first IT integration companies to implement Internet-based solutions in the country and the very first to introduce Cisco products in the Philippine market in 1991. COMNET is currently on its third year as a Certified Cisco Premier Channel. COMNET sees its Certified Cisco Premier Channel partner status as essential in its expansion in markets outside of Metro Manila, in Cebu, Baguio and in Davao.

"As a network provider, we aim to give our customers the best available technology and support that will help them in their business. Wireless technology is fast making inroads here in the country and achieving certification from Cisco gives an advantage to us and our clients," stated Beta Gan, COMNET president.

Satisfied with its success in its wireless certification, COMNET has already invested in furthering its certification in the areas of IP telephony and VPN security. COMNET will be fully certified in these technologies by mid-February.

HPS Software and Communications Corp. and Ng Khai Development Corp., are both based in Mandaue City, Cebu. HPS Software and Communications has been offering multi-level IT solutions services for various IT brands in since 1998.

"As an IT company, standalone provisioning of products and services will not give any indication of the quality we can offer to prospective customers," says Stanley Yap, managing director of HPS. "The Cisco Premier Certification recognizes our efforts and legitimizes our capabilities, allowing us that vital leeway to make known what it is we can provide. The benefit from this is immeasurable, as this is the key element that urges customers to begin investing confidence in us."

Ng Khai Development Corporation began operations in 1993 and serves as a one-stop shop offering integrated IT-based business solutions to its customers.

"We have definitely strived to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, both at the onset when the initial purchase of the equipment is made, and through the years as the applications are managed and utilized. This is clear indication that our services are on par with the worldwide standards set by Cisco," said Wilson Ng, owner and manager of Ng Khai Development Corp.

"The achievement of Cisco Premier Certification by HPS and Ng Khai means that our customers in the South will now need to look no further than Cebu to address their IP networking needs," said Robles.