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Cisco Provides New Data Service Opportunities for Mobile Network Operators with Enhanced Cisco Mobile Exchange Portfolio of Products at 3GSM World Congress 2004

Cisco Offerings Span Mobile Wireless and Public Wireless LAN to Create an Integrated and Secure Services Environment
Feb 24, 2004

CANNES, France (Booth Number D65) - February 24, 2004 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today unveiled an enhanced Cisco® Mobile Exchange portfolio of products that delivers seamless mobility and enhanced user experience from the cellular network to the public wireless local area network (LAN) at 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France. Cisco Mobile Exchange is a standards-based framework that links the radio access network to IP networks and delivers value-added, content-based Internet Protocol (IP) services. The new products build on Cisco's vision and commitment to deliver anytime, anywhere access to mobile business applications.

"Mobile network operators continue to drive towards implementation of mobile data services for sustainable business and competitive advantage and early movers are finding it rewarding in terms of increased average revenue and margin per user," said Larry Lang, Vice President and General Manager of Cisco's Mobile Wireless Group. "Cisco, with its IP expertise and its experience deploying data networks for mobile operators worldwide, is in a unique position to drive innovations in all aspects of mobility, and by working with many partners in the industry, play a leadership role in making the mobile experience simple and compelling for the mobile business professional."

Ranging from IP service delivery modules to public wireless LAN solutions, this broad array of new products provides mobile Internet edge service control and increased IP network flexibility and operational efficiencies to mobile network operators.

Value-Added Services at the Mobile Internet Edge: Cisco Multiprocessor WAN Application Module

The Cisco Multi-Processor WAN Application Module (MWAM) provides high-performance, scalable distributed service processing for the Cisco Catalyst® 6500 Series switches and Cisco 7600 Series routers. Cisco MWAM enables mobile network operators worldwide to deploy, provision and manage value-added services at the network edge. This innovative service module supports a range of applications including access control and service management for operator or enterprise provided services. A primary feature of this service module is the enhanced control it offers to operators to modify the application with a simple software change and no corresponding hardware upgrade.

In addition, leading mobile equipment suppliers Lucent, Motorola and Siemens have integrated Cisco MWAM into their mobile data solution offerings worldwide.

Protecting Data Revenue with Cisco Persistent Storage Device

The Cisco Persistent Storage Device (PSD) helps provide protection of critical operator billing data from single point of failures triggered by variables beyond the operator's control such as natural disasters or failed network connectivity between billing collectors.

An essential component of Cisco's advanced content billing solution, the Cisco PSD is designed to provide local storage and controlled retrieval when connectivity to the mediation servers is lost. On resumption of connectivity, locally stored billing records are forwarded for seamless processing. The Cisco PSD is implemented as a single Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series or Cisco 7600 Series service module card.

Simplifying and Securing Public Wireless LAN Access

With industry-leading capabilities in both wireless LANs and telecommunications, Cisco has delivered an integrated, end-to-end public wireless LAN solution to wired and wireless service providers. The Cisco solution enables service providers to seamlessly deliver productivity-enhancing mobile office solutions to "on-the-go" mobile business professionals.

"T-Mobile's group-wide commitment is to drive industry leadership of wireless LAN and provide seamless access across T-Mobile's footprint and beyond," said Nikesh Arora, Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile. "These new public wireless LAN capabilities from Cisco help us meet our goal of providing a simple to use, highly secure and seamless multi-service framework for our customers to access information on the move."

This broad public wireless LAN solution also provides a comprehensive Extensible Authentication Protocol-Subscriber Identity Module (EAP-SIM) solution with gateway and security interfaces and an EAP-SIM supplicant supporting Windows XP/2000 which is fully integrated with the Cisco Mobile Exchange network. Cisco also introduced the following Cisco IOS® Software capabilities for public wireless LAN access:

  • IP Security - Helps prevent unauthorized users from intercepting IP addresses of authorized users for a secure wireless LAN connection.
  • Session Termination - Provides granular accounting data for improved billing and logging of user sessions.
  • Location-Aware Services - Delivers customized services such as local content specific to end users, based on their location.

Pricing and Availability

The Cisco Multiprocessor WAN Application Module has a U.S. list price of $85,000 and is available now. The Cisco Persistent Storage Device has a U.S. list price of $75,000 and is available now. The new Cisco Public Wireless LAN capabilities are now available through Cisco IOS Software on the Cisco 800, 1700, 2600 and 3700 Series routers and at no additional charge. More information on the Cisco Mobile Exchange portfolio is available at