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Cisco Delivers Standards-Based 802.3af Power Over Ethernet Capabilities Across Its Catalyst Intelligent Switching Series

New Capabilities Extend Support for Line Powered Network- Attached Devices
Feb 17, 2004

SAN JOSE, Calif., February 17, 2004 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced comprehensive support for the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard across its Catalyst Intelligent Switching portfolio. PoE allows the delivery of DC power over the same Copper wire as Ethernet and enables customers to integrate a host of new powered network-attached devices to their existing LAN infrastructure.

Being introduced today are 802.3af compliant 10/100/1000 and 10/100 PoE line cards for the Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 4500 Series modular switching platforms, new PoE options for the Catalyst 3750 and a new standalone PoE switch family, the Catalyst 3560. Additionally, for the Cisco Catalyst 6500, Cisco is introducing a new single slot 96-port 10/100 module with optional 802.3af PoE daughter card to deliver flexible, high density deployments in compact form factors. With these deployment options, customers are able to drive down their total cost of ownership and standardize on Catalyst platforms for their end-to-end network requirements.

Cisco has been an industry pioneer in delivering PoE with its first implementations in the year 2000. Now, customers can deploy 802.3af standards-based power enabling support for a broad array of emerging powered devices resulting in new network-based applications.

"With the ratification of the IEEE 802.3af standard, the potential uses for powered Ethernet ports go way beyond just phones and WLAN access points," said Dave Passmore, Research Director for the Burton Group. "With a number of Ethernet powered products already on the market including Bluetooth access points, GSM picocells, web-based security cameras, data collection control terminals, lighting controllers, and print servers, users will see clear benefits from integrating a diverse range of network-attached devices into a single, common network. Aside from eliminating the need for local AC power and the resulting financial savings, an interesting point about PoE is that it represents the only global power standard with a common voltage and plug."

"The addition of 802.3af Power over Ethernet capabilities to Cisco's switching portfolio is an important development for enabling new network-based applications and reducing cabling costs, allowing for broader deployments of Sony's IP video surveillance solutions," said Steve Baker, vice president of surveillance solutions for Sony Electronics' Business Solutions Division. "Our robust IP video surveillance packages which combine our video monitoring cameras, servers and sophisticated software can be coupled with Cisco's new family of Catalyst switches to provide our customers a converged infrastructure with extensive video camera placement for comprehensive coverage."

Enhancements to Cisco Catalyst 6500 and Catalyst 4500 Modular Chassis

In addition to the 96-port line card, the Cisco Catalyst 6500 adds an upgradeable 802.3af PoE daughter card available for the 48-port 10/100/1000 and 10/100 modules announced in 2003. This upgradeability allows customers to migrate quickly and effectively while driving down their total cost of ownership and extending customer investments. With these new options Cisco is continuing to deliver industry leading port densities that can deliver power capabilities and high-performance while providing customers with greater deployment flexibility and investment protection.

The new solutions for the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series further expand PoE and Ethernet options with a new 48 port 10/100/1000 module and 48 port 10/100 modules. These modules are compatible with all supervisor engines and continue Cisco's trend of delivering industry leading port densities for PoE options across its Catalyst line up.

Additions to Cisco Catalyst 3750 and New Catalyst 3560 Series

The new models of the Cisco Catalyst 3750 stackable switches with StackWiseTM technology and the new family of fixed configuration 10/100 PoE switches, the Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series, both increase PoE deployment flexibility with 48- and 24-port 10/100 stackable and fixed switch configurations. Both families support the Standard Multilayer Software Image or the Enhanced Multilayer Software Image for additional deployment flexibility.

Intelligent Power Management and Investment Protection

All Cisco Catalyst 802.3af PoE products support the optional IEEE power classification feature that allows switches to recognize powered end devices that identify the amount of power required. Cisco further extends its support for Power Classification with integrated Intelligent Power Management capabilities that enable more scalable management of power delivery beyond the standard. These new capabilities provide granular control and optimization of power allocation for each PoE port, allowing for precise device power requirement identification and enabling port-based power reservation, allocation, oversubscription management and prioritization of power delivery in the event of switch power shortage.

For investment protection, all 802.3af compliant PoE products also support Cisco's pre-standard PoE implementation and are therefore backwards compatible with Cisco's installed base of powered end-devices including IP telephones and wireless access points. Cisco recently announced the Cisco IP Phone 7970G, with color touch-screen, which supports both the IEEE 802.3af PoE and Cisco's pre-standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) in a reduced power mode.

Pricing and Availability
Product Starting Price List Planned Availability
Cisco Catalyst 6500 6148 48 port 10/100 with IEEE 802.3af power daughter card with RJ45 or RJ21 Interfaces $7,995 Currently Available
Cisco Catalyst 6500 6148 -GE 48 port 10/100/1000 with IEEE 802.3af power daughter card $9,500 Currently Available
Cisco Catalyst 6500 6148-X2 Single Slot 96-port 10/100 module with optional IEEE 802.3af PoE daughter card with RJ-45 Interfaces $10,500 Currently Available
Cisco Catalyst 6500 6548-GE 48 port 10/100/1000 CEF256 Series card with IEEE 802.3af power daughter card $14,000 Currently Available
802.3af PoE Daughter Card $2,000 Currently Available
Cisco Catalyst 4500 48-port 10/100/1000 IEEE 802.3af (RJ-45) $7,495 Currently Available
Cisco Catalyst 4500 48-port 10/100 IEEE 802.3af (RJ-21 or RJ-45) $6,495 Currently Available
Cisco Catalyst 3750-48PS: 48 10/100 ports with PoE and 4 SFP Ports $8495 Currently Available
Cisco Catalyst 3750-24PS: 24 10/100 ports with PoE and 2 SFP Ports $4795 Currently Available
Cisco Catalyst 3560-48PS: 48 10/100 ports with PoE and 4 SFP Ports $6495 Currently Available
Cisco Catalyst 3560-24PS-S: 24 10/100 ports with PoE and 2 SFP Ports $3795 Currently Available

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