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Cisco Statement on FCC's Decision on Wireless Licensing Rules

SAN JOSE, CA - October 16, 2003 - Today, the FCC issued
Oct 16, 2003

SAN JOSE, CA - October 16, 2003 - Today, the FCC issued licensing rules for wireless spectrum that will enable flexible and low-cost high speed connections in the enterprise and service provider space.

The following statement can be attributed to Jeff Campbell, Director of Communications and Technology Policy within Cisco's Worldwide Government Affairs Group:

"Cisco is pleased that the FCC has issued licensing rules that will make possible fiber-quality connections through advanced wireless technology. This will permit multi-gigabit connections over short distances for enterprises and service providers at low-cost and great flexibility. The FCC and NTIA have agreed to an innovative approach that will allow for the online, instantaneous coordination of commercial and government wireless connections - this will benefit industry, consumers and our economy overall."