News Release

Cisco Helps Hutchison Deliver Advanced IP Data, Voice and Video Services on Its 3 Mobile Network

Cisco infrastructure allows for network expansion and new services for customers on 3, Hutchison's world-leading third-generation network
Oct 10, 2003

SYDNEY, Australia - October 10, 2003 - Cisco Systems® has supplied Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure and services to underpin the cost-efficient expansion of 3, Hutchison's third-generation mobile phone network. The Cisco® solution will help Hutchison deliver voice, video and data services across its rapidly growing third-generation (3G) mobile network.

Cisco has supplied innovative Internet Protocol (IP) based networking equipment to Hutchison in Australia for almost 10 years. Building on that relationship, Cisco has worked with Hutchison's 3G network supplier, Ericsson, to build a sophisticated platform for connectivity and initiation of services on the 3 network. Using the advanced network, Hutchison can today provide services such as Videotalk calls, voice calls, video messaging and downloads, and gains the network scalability it needs to offer new services in the future.

The data network core is built around Cisco's world-leading IP routing and switching technology. It uses Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) features to optimise IP reliability and performance and to help ensure integration with the 3 network's primary radio access network, an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)-based solution engineered by Ericsson.

"3 is revolutionising the way Australians communicate by offering unique Videotalk, video messaging, high-speed data capabilities and video content services, including news, sports, finance and entertainment. Cisco's core IP data network is a vital element of the advanced functionality of the 3 network ," said Victa McClelland, chief technical officer of HutchisonTelecommunications, the owner and operator of 3.

The core network based on Cisco equipment delivers IP transport within the 3 network, including:

  • Connectivity between the ATM network and IP-based services from 3
  • Internet connectivity through five fully peered paths to the Internet
  • Connectivity to 3 roaming partners for IP-based services
  • High-speed data connectivity through the 3 network
  • Fully redundant operations and maintenance network connectivity

In addition, the network is provisioned for secure remote broadband access via IP Security (IPSec) protocol. A complete out-of-band management network gives 3 network managers access to all devices on the network at all times and provides backup operational services to the network.

A Cisco Advanced Services team, which provides professional consulting services and support, worked closely with Hutchison and Ericsson to help ensure that the advanced functions of the IP data networking core were attuned to the needs of the 3 network and integrated with the ATM network provided by Ericsson. Cisco Advanced Services applied its best-practice methodologies to design, deploy and install a packet infrastructure capable of delivering demanding 3G services.

Major switching sites were deployed in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Each site uses a Cisco 12000 Series modular router, which enables the MPLS-based Gigabit Ethernet core network to be managed as a series of discrete service-based VPN connections. This approach allows subscribers to be confident that the services they are using are delivered securely across the network.

The core routers are supplemented by Cisco 7500 Series and Cisco 7200 Series routers for provider-edge functions, with access connectivity delivered through Cisco Catalyst® 6500 Series switches. The 3 network is one of the first in the world to deploy the Cisco NPE-G1 network-processor card for the Cisco 7206 Router.

Hutchison uses a variety of Cisco software solutions, including CiscoWorks, Cisco Info Centre, Cisco Secure Policy Manager and Cisco VPN Solution Center, to manage the core IP network. These advanced management tools from Cisco provide a complete environment for automated provisioning, fault monitoring and performance control.