News Release

Prominent U.S. Transportation Companies Select Cisco Catalyst 2955 for Ethernet Deployment in Harsh Environments

Utah Department of Transportation, Cubic, and IdleAire to Deploy the Cisco Catalyst 2955
May 20, 2003

Minneapolis, MN, Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference 2003 - May 20, 2003 - Cisco Systems, Inc., today announced transportation application deployments of the Cisco® Catalyst® 2955 Series, a rugged switch designed for deployment in harsh environments. The Cisco Catalyst 2955 enables the adoption of industry-standard Ethernet in the transportation sector, extending advanced intelligent switching services to new IP network applications in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Mass Transit, and Freight & Logistics.

The Cisco Catalyst 2955 is a compact 12-port LAN switch that combines wire-speed Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. It offers intelligent switching services, including security, availability and quality-of-service (QoS), which are provided end-to-end by the Cisco Catalyst family. The Cisco Catalyst 2955 is designed to meet operating specifications for applications in transportation networks, including rugged indoor deployments and outdoor roadside cabinets, with support for extended temperature, humidity and shock/vibration operating ranges.

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has specified the Catalyst 2955 for deployment in ITS networks that will feature video surveillance to support emergency response. "The Catalyst 2955's environmental operating range and software feature set makes it an excellent extension to our Cisco network," said Richard Manser, Acting Director of Intelligent Transporation Systems, UDOT. "By deploying Ethernet to the roadside cabinets, we were able to scale the network to handle our immediate need for additional video cameras to support our Incident Response Teams. We are also able to support wireless access, and are in a better position to support future applications such as VoIP."

Cubic Transportation Systems, a unit of Cubic Corporation (AMEX:CUB), and the world's largest supplier of automated fare collection systems for mass transit, selected the Catalyst 2955 to use in one of its "open system" regional magnetic and smart card-based automatic fare collection systems. The Catalyst 2955 will be deployed in train stations to connect the devices inside the fare gates with the Cubic-provided back office computer system so that information such as revenues collected and passengers' fare account balances can be uploaded to the central computing system. The heart of this central system is Cubic's NextfareTM Business Management suite of hardware and software, which makes possible financial audit, reconciliation, infrastructure management, and reporting for transit operators.

IdleAire, headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers cab heating, cooling, and entertainment services at truck stops around the United States. IdleAire has deployed the 2955 to provide Internet access and IP telephony services to customers at truck stops. "The ability to extend our network into the parking lot with the Catalyst 2955 allows us more flexibility to provide our services. Our converged network allows us to offer truckers Internet, phone and television access services that they've never had in this fashion before," says Jon Duren, Chief Technical Officer, IdleAire Technologies Corporation.

Catalyst 2955 Pricing and Availability

The Cisco Catalyst 2955 Series is available now in a range of configurations. The pricing for the Cisco Catalyst 2955 Series is:

  • Catalyst 2955T-12-- $2,100
  • Catalyst 2955C-12-$2,900
  • Catalyst 2955S-12-$3,600