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Cisco Introduces Open-API Program for Storage ISVs

Updates AVVID Partner Program for Storage and Storage Networking Vendors
Feb 10, 2003

SAN JOSE, Calif. Feb. 10, 2003 - Cisco today announced a technology development program through which the leading independent software vendors (ISVs) in the SAN management and storage resource management (SRM) industries can integrate their respective applications to the Cisco MDS 9000 Family of Multilayer Directors and Fabric Switches.

This open-API (application platform interface) program includes a software developer's kit (SDK) that provides these companies full access to Cisco's MDS 9000 comprehensive set of industry standards-based SNMP management information base (MIBs), including SNMP v2 for discovery and monitoring and SNMP v3 for secured configuration and access control.

Cisco has initially offered the Cisco MDS 9000 platform with SNMP as the management interface, given the broad support among ISVs, especially for the management of SAN switches. In support of this, Cisco has developed and published 80 MIBs for the Cisco MDS 9000, ranging from the ability to fully discover sophisticated Cisco MDS 9000 topologies, to performing advanced configuration management including Fibre Channel zones and virtual SANs (VSANs). The Cisco MDS 9000 also includes topology-aware diagnostics and alert-management via SNMP traps and alerts.

Additional ISV program components include access to development tools such as simulators and design reference guides, as well as Cisco's partner development laboratory. They also have access to Cisco's developer support site including online bug reporting, tracking, and updates as well as Cisco consulting services for developers.

The vendors currently participating in the program are BMC Software with its PATROL® Storage Management software suite, Computer Associates with BrightStor SAN Manager, HP with OpenView Storage Area Manager, IBM Tivoli Software with IBM Tivoli SAN Manager, InterSAN, Inc. with InterSAN® PATHLINE®, Tek-Tools, Inc. with Storage ProfilerTM, and VERITAS Software Corporation with VERITAS SANPoint ControlTM.

BMC Software, IBM Tivoli, InterSAN, Tek-Tools, and VERITAS Software have all committed to introducing Cisco MDS 9000-compatible versions of their management applications within 60 to 90 days of this announcement. These companies have dedicated engineering efforts to support all major Cisco MDS 9000 features including topology, VSAN and Port Channel discovery and configuration, health monitoring, and Fibre Channel zoning/inventory. The remaining companies are expected to make their versions available by Q3 of this calendar year. Other storage network management vendors will be able to join the program upon meeting the qualification requirements.

In addition to offering SNMP MIBs, Cisco is committed to supporting the SNIA Storage Management Initiative (SMI) and is working to add a Common Information Model/Web-Based Enterprise Management (CIM/WEBM) interface to the Cisco MDS 9000. Cisco expects to make this interface available in the second half of 2003, aligning it closely with the expected availability of CIM/WBEM-compliant products from storage subsystem and management application vendors.

"Heterogeneous SAN management support for the Cisco MDS 9000 is a critical requirement in meeting our goal in offering a highly flexible, open, and innovative SAN switching platform," said Bill Erdman, director of Technology Alliances for the Storage Technology Group at Cisco. "SNMP has been around for years, is quite stable, and provides integration with a majority of the SAN management and SRM applications on the market today. Additionally, Cisco fully recognizes that CIM is the future for this industry and will be ready to support it by the second half of this year."

Partner Program for Storage and Storage Networking Industry Vendors

Cisco also updated the storage-networking track of its AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data) partner program from five solution areas to two technology categories: software and hardware vendors. The ISVs mentioned in today's announcement automatically qualify into the program as storage software partners. Storage hardware partners officially joining the program are Emulex, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, JNI Corporation, and QLogic. These companies have either completed interoperability qualifications between their respective hardware products and the Cisco MDS 9000 or are expected to complete testing by Q1 of this calendar year. Other companies scheduled to join the program include Network Appliance, Quantum|ATL, and XIOtech, who expect to complete interoperability testing and qualifications by Q2. Cisco will add more companies as they meet the program requirements.

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Participating Company Support for Cisco's Storage ISV Development Program

BMC Software

"BMC Software is proud to be an inaugural member of Cisco's new open-API program for storage ISVs. Integration of the Cisco MDS 9000 Family into the PATROL Storage Management suite brings application-centric storage management to Cisco MDS 9000 customers delivering the highest level of service to critical enterprise applications."
-- Dan Hoffmann, director, Enterprise Storage Management

Computer Associates

"Cisco's program for multivendor storage infrastructure and storage management will deliver real value to customers who require tightly integrated solutions to ensure the reliability, performance and cost-efficiency of their enterprise storage environments. We are especially gratified to see that Cisco shares our own commitment to open standards in general and the SNIA Storage Management in particular. This commitment is essential to keep the storage industry moving in the right direction."
-- Gary McGuire, senior vice president, BrightStor solutions

HP OpenView

"HP's ongoing efforts to simplify, centralize and reduce the costs of managing heterogeneous storage dovetail well with Cisco's new open-API program. With HP OpenView Storage Area Manager (OVSAM), HP's integrated storage resource management software, our customers can manage 90 percent of the world's storage today. HP is working with Cisco on OVSAM interoperability with Cisco's MDS 9000 Family and we are committed to incorporating the emerging SMI specification into our software."
-- Mark Sorenson, vice president and general manager, HP Storage Software

IBM Tivoli Software

"Cisco's efforts around open APIs for the Cisco MDS 9000 family and support for storage networking standards enable IBM Tivoli to bring to market the next generation of IBM Tivoli SAN Manager with advanced functionality in discovering and monitoring for Cisco SAN environments. IBM Tivoli SAN Manager provides extensive functions targeted at large enterprise SANs. Together, through open standards and excellent technology IBM Tivoli and Cisco provide storage solutions that drives return on investment for our joint customers."
-- Laura Sanders, vice president

InterSAN, Inc.

"InterSAN is pleased to be an inaugural partner in the launch of Cisco's ISV developers program, which demonstrates both companies commitment to providing customers with solutions that simplify and automate the management of open storage networks. This agreement will provide our mutual customers with a best-of-breed SAN switching platform coupled with the industry's most comprehensive Storage Area Management solution, PATHLINE, to deliver enhanced scalability and reduced management costs."
-- Karen Dutch, vice president of Marketing

Tek-Tools, Inc.

"Tek-Tools is delighted to support Cisco's new open-API for the Cisco MDS 9000 Family. This will add more value and greater functionality to our first-class storage management solution, Storage Profiler. Storage Profiler provides web-based enterprise storage resource management for complex heterogeneous storage networks. Cisco's dedication to the open-standards initiative will allow our mutual customers to reduce storage administration costs and optimize usage of current assets further enabling IT departments to meet overall business goals."
-- Heather Levy, vice president of Marketing

VERITAS Software

"VERITAS and Cisco's continuing partnership enables customers to obtain the greatest advantage from their investment in storage networking. Through our close collaboration customers can now realize the benefits of our industry-leading storage management, data protection and high availability software with the Cisco MDS 9000 switch family."
-- Brenda Zawatski, vice president of Product Marketing