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Atheros Joins Cisco Compatible Extensions Program to Enhance Enterprise-class WLANs

Atheros Multi-mode Design First to Receive Cisco Compatible Extensions Approval
Feb 24, 2003

SUNNYVALE, Calif., February 24, 2003 - Atheros Communications, the leading developer of advanced wireless LAN (LAN) chipsets, is enabling enterprises to rapidly deploy and integrate wireless LANs into their IT infrastructures by simplifying management and roaming capabilities and providing enhanced security features through the Cisco Compatible Extensions program announced today. Atheros' multi-mode (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) PC Card design, based on the market-leading AR5001X chipset, was the first to receive Cisco Compatible Extensions approval. This same Atheros technology has been integrated into laptops from four of the five largest PC vendors, enabling them to brand their products "Cisco Compatible" after their completion of the third-party interoperability testing1.

By achieving Cisco Compatibility, the Atheros design meets interoperability test criteria with Cisco Aironet wireless LAN infrastructure and other "Cisco Compatible" products based on its technology. Interoperability gives enterprises greater flexibility for wireless LAN installation and enhanced network security and management controls through the Cisco Wireless Security Suite.

"Atheros' leadership in multi-mode 802.11a/b chipsets and its recent announcement of multiple notebook PC design wins make them a key business partner for us," said Bill Rossi, vice president and general manager of Cisco's Wireless Networking Business Unit. "Having Atheros deliver a 'Cisco Compatible' multi-mode wireless LAN solution is extremely important for enterprise users who want to optimize security, manageability, and scalability in a high-performance wireless system."

Enterprise IT managers have been waiting for multi-mode wireless-enabled notebook PCs, and enhanced management and security capabilities before broadly deploying wireless LANs. Multi-mode wireless LAN capabilities enable IT managers to provide backward compatibility with their installed base of 802.11b networks, while using 802.11a to achieve the higher performance and scalability that enterprises demand. Cisco Compatible Extensions approval provides tested compatibility with the Cisco Aironet wireless infrastructure, providing the assurance of enterprise-class management and robust security.

"The time for enterprises to broadly adopt wireless networking is now," said Rich Redelfs, president and chief executive officer of Atheros. "With multi-mode technology and Cisco Compatible Extensions interoperability now available, the challenges of deploying wireless LANs have been greatly reduced. We are pleased to work with Cisco to improve the user experience and transparency of enterprise-class wireless connections."

For more details, please refer to today's press release entitled, "Cisco Leads the Way in Building an Ecosystem for Enterprise Wireless LANs with Launch of Cisco Compatible Extensions Program." More information on the Cisco Compatible Extensions program and a list of "Cisco Compatible" branded mobile devices can be found at