News Release

Cisco Systems and Launch New Nationwide Product Donation Program

Providing networking solutions and comprehensive support to nonprofit organizations
Dec 09, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., December 9, 2002 - Cisco and TechSoup, the nonprofit technology Web site (, today announced a networking product donation program to benefit nonprofit organizations across the country. This joint initiative will give qualified nonprofits access to Cisco's networking solutions at favorable prices, and will offer them support during the decision-making, installation, and ongoing use of the system.

The innovative program is based on the concept that the nonprofit sector's technology needs go well beyond the acquisition of affordable products. Many small to mid-sized nonprofits need networking equipment to help meet their increasing operational goals. However, they often lack the resources and skills to best use this equipment. To address this challenge, Cisco and TechSoup will provide nonprofits with both networking hardware and the added support that is needed for nonprofits to make best use of these product donations.

With this initiative Cisco effectively donates a portion of the cost of the equipment, along with a one-year technical support contract through the SMARTNet program. TechSoup educates nonprofits about networking in general; gives them easy online access to product donations through its online distribution service DiscounTech, and supports users' decision-making process.

"DiscounTech , which is our new approach to making technology product donations more available to nonprofits, enables corporations to more effectively support the sector," said Matthew Florence, director of TechSoup. "Through our collaboration with Cisco, we combine easy access to essential products with much-needed support for the first time. This takes the DiscounTech concept to a new and exciting level. We hope that both the nonprofit and private sector will be inspired by our joint efforts."

"Cisco is committed to providing comprehensive technology solutions for nonprofits at a fraction of the usual cost " said Robert Deutsch, Senior Community Investment Manager of Cisco Systems. "This joint initiative with TechSoup ensures that our products are properly distributed to nonprofits, and used in a way that furthers their business goals and increases their productivity. We are pleased to offer this program to nonprofits in the U.S., and we hope that other technology companies will join us in this new approach to product donations."

Cisco will donate 6 different Internet Starter Kits, or "bundled" solutions, as well as other networking components. Depending on their intended use, the Internet Starter kits will contain routers, switches, access points, interface cards, and other equipment. This equipment enables nonprofits to network office workstations, share an Internet connection, and centralize data storage and backup.

Qualified nonprofits can order the kits through TechSoup for under $200 per bundle, which represents a savings of approximately 90% off the retail price. Each kit also includes a one-year service and support contract for the donated hardware.

TechSoup will provide helpful information on networking topics for non-profits, resource lists for contractors capable of installing and maintaining equipment, and an online community to interact with other organizations selecting and working with networking equipment.

Products and eligibility guidelines are available on DiscounTech (, TechSoup's product distribution service.