News Release

Cisco Systems Joins NASA Glenn Research Center and United States Coast Guard in Development and Deployment of Mobile Networking Solution

Solution Allows Seamless Connectivity, Optimized Security in Ethernet Communications for Military & Government
Nov 08, 2002

SAN JOSE, Calif., November 8, 2002 - Cisco Systems, Inc., today announced that it has successfully developed and deployed a mobile networking solution for use by military and government agencies as a result of a two-year Mobile Networking research and development project with the NASA Glenn Research Center. Engineers from Cisco Systems, NASA Glenn Research Center, Western DataCom and SRC (Scientific Research Corporation) have adapted the new Cisco 3251 Mobile Access Router, incorporating mobile networking features in the Cisco IOS. software over 802.11(b) and satellite communications, through an encrypted environment designed for optimized security. The new solution offers defense organizations the ability to communicate through an encrypted, mobile network, designed to allow seamless and continuous IP connectivity over multiple wireless data links, such as 802.11, cellular and satellite, transparently to the user applications.

This groundbreaking solution was demonstrated yesterday aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay, District 9 fleet, on the Great Lakes. The crew of the Neah Bay was able to switch from LAN/WAN to a satellite connection 15 miles off the coast of Cleveland, maintaining Internet communication without having to reconfigure the router.

Jim Massa, vice president of Cisco Systems Global Defense and Space Group, hailed the demonstration as a major advancement in mobile communications technology. "The Neah Bay solution illustrates the next generation of technology advances available to today's defense communities. Cisco is dedicated to working with systems integrators and defense end-customers to develop powerful, customized solutions, designed to fit the needs of an increasingly network-centric world."

The Cisco 3251 Mobile Access Router, part of the new Cisco 3200 Series Mobile Access Router, features a PC/104-Plus form factor that delivers "always-on" IP connectivity for mission-critical applications for networks in motion. The Cisco 3251 Mobile Access Router uses Mobile IP and Mobile Networks features in Cisco IOS. Software to enable multiple users and devices connected to the router to seamlessly connect to the home network as the vehicle roams between different wireless networks. The Cisco 3251 Mobile Access Router has the power, space, and weight ideal for deployment in any vehicle, including defense, public safety and commercial transportation.