News Release

Arcor Chooses MPLS-Based IP Core Network from Cisco

New Network to Deliver Next Generation IP Services and Broadband Access, Relying on Cisco 12000 Series and 7200 Series Internet Routers
Oct 09, 2002

ESCHBORN, Germany, October 9, 2002, Cisco Systems today announced that Arcor is building an MPLS VPN based core network using Cisco 12000 Series and 7200 Series Internet routers to satisfy the rapidly increasing demand from Germany's enterprise and small/medium sized businesses for broadband access services with Quality of Service guarantees and dedicated bandwidth.

According to Arcor, the Cisco solution to upgrade its existing Cisco IP network to an STM-16 MPLS VPN (Multi Protocol Label Switching) and IP-based infrastructure in the core will help it deliver advanced features and scaling capability to reach new markets, subscribers, and revenue sources. On the Cisco-based IP backbone Arcor offers Layer 3 IP VPN services through its CompanyNet service. Additionally, Arcor provides advanced services such as video and voice offers over the IP backbone today.

"We already have a number of years of experience using Cisco technology which we are leveraging in deploying the new network," said Joachim Gross, Director of Network Development, Arcor. "We decided Cisco's MPLS-based IP core network was a best fit solution designed to scale with our network growth demands, and help allow us to dedicate bandwidth according to customer needs."

Cisco's MPLS-based IP core network is based on standards-approved technology for prioritising and streamlining traffic through the core, providing Class of Service (CoS) differentiation of traffic and a flexible core to help enable the deployment of new services. The new Cisco technology implemented for this project comprises a core layer including Cisco 12000 Series Internet Routers and Cisco 7206VXR Internet Routers. Arcor has also deployed equipment across the range of the Cisco routing portfolio in the distribution and access layer, as well as AS5800 Series Universal Gateways for dial access.

"Cisco's MPLS-IP core network will help Arcor to expand its service offerings in a secure and cost-effective way," said Paul Gainham, routing team product manager, Cisco Systems EMEA. "By integrating Cisco 12000 Series Internet routers into its current Cisco network, Arcor is able to lower the time and cost of deployment and at the same time build a solid IP network foundation that can be scaled to deliver further services such as VoIP and Video services in the future."