News Release

Schlumberger Launches DeXa.Net Secure Private Network

MPLS-Based Connectivity Allows Faster, Simpler, Multi- Application Data Transmission
Aug 13, 2002

HOUSTON, August 13, 2002 - Schlumberger [NYSE: SLB], a global technology services company, today announced the availability of the DeXa.Net* MPLS-based Secure Private Network (SPN), a new offering of the DeXa* Suite of Services from Schlumberger. The DeXa.Net SPN is an innovative connectivity solution, providing faster and more reliable service for enterprises located anywhere the world.

DeXa.Net SPN is a secure, Internet Protocol (IP) based virtual private network (VPN) that utilizes multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). With MPLS, the DeXa.Net SPN is able to provide faster, simpler and more reliable connectivity service compared with more common solutions prevalent today. DeXa.Net SPN can also provide options for users to transmit large volumes of data, including video and other time-sensitive applications.

"The MPLS-based DeXa.Net SPN by Schlumberger makes connectivity more efficient," stated Gustavo Civantos, CIO of Belgium-based Actaris, a worldwide provider of meters, systems and services active in all utility sectors. "In a single, private network, companies such as ours, with people and locations around the world, can now prioritize and secure data traffic, in any application, flowing to and from anywhere in the world."

MPLS is a new standard in the world of networking for building service provider networks. MPLS enhances services, operations, and reliability in packet networks. In an MPLS network, packets are "tagged" with a label that is seen and manipulated only by the service provider network. This label is used to help ensure private delivery within a VPN, as well as helping to ensure that different types of traffic (such as voice, email, or video) receive the appropriate handling. MPLS combines the connection-oriented privacy and quality of service of traditional frame relay or ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) networks with the simple and efficient connectionless connectivity of IP.

The DeXa.Net SPN any-to-any functionality reduces the management effort by freeing the customer from the need to continually redesign the Intranet for each application, capacity, or location change.

"The Schlumberger DeXa.Net service is a great example of how a business can use our products to build their own commercial network, generating service opportunities on a global scale," said Mike Volpi, senior vice president of Cisco's Router Technology Group. "By incorporating Cisco 12000 Series routers into its network core, Schlumberger not only benefits from the product's proven investment protection, but also its ability to deliver new high-speed services that can only be achieved with an open and converged network infrastructure."

"Technology has driven our business for 75 years, and Schlumberger is proud of its legacy of advancing global information solutions with innovation and integrity," said Paul Stewart, vice president, Marketing & Technique, Schlumberger Network & Infrastructure Solutions. "Schlumberger is pleased to launch the MPLS-enabled Secure Private Network through DeXa.Net."

Through the DeXa Suite of Services, DeXa.Net offers an advanced, commercial infrastructure and a full range of Secure Private Network services providing a single source solution with global coverage.