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Cisco Systems and Xiao Tong Networking Technology Co., Ltd. Implement Next Generation E-Commerce Applications in China

Optimizing XML Using RosettaNet Standards, Cisco and Xiao Tong Deploy Industry Leading Solutions; RosettaNet Deployment a First in China
Aug 28, 2002

Beijing, PRC., August 28, 2002 - Cisco Systems and Xiao Tong Networking Technology Co., Ltd., today announced the successful deployment of an integrated e-commerce solution incorporating both XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and RosettaNet standards in China.

Xiao Tong. is a Cisco 2-tier distributor in China. The two companies have successfully integrated their electronic purchasing processes using RosettaNet XML-based-business process standards. Both companies will save costs through the improved purchasing process automation, elimination of redundancies and faster integration of new functionalities. Xiao Tong will also extend the procurement-related functionalities to its customers and other trading partners.

"By implementing the Cisco standards-based Integrated Commerce Solution-XML, Xiao Tong will greatly benefit from improved productivity in its e-commerce transactions with Cisco. This business-to-business integration is a first of its kind in China, and we are looking forward to extending and further developing the system with Xiao Tong," said Ron Schorsch, Vice President of Worldwide Customer Advocacy Operations at Cisco Systems.

The Cisco Integrated Commerce Solution-XML offers its customers and trading partners an open-standards, XML-based order management solution. This next-generation B2B integration exchanges ordering data between companies by leveraging public Internet infrastructure. XML allows for the creation of customized tags, enabling the definition, transmission, validation and interpretation of data among applications and between organizations. RosettaNet is emerging as the de facto standard for e-business transactions between partners in the high technology global trading network.

"E-Commerce and B2B integration will change the methods of conducting business in the future and it will be increasingly important for a company's survival in the global economy," said Mr. Yan Li, Executive Director of Xiao Tong. "We are very pleased to be the first in China to deploy this innovative, standards-based solution, and we are committed to further extending B2B- XML integration with our customers in China. Working with Cisco, we have created a scalable foundation for our growth."

The Cisco-Xiao Tong B2B application uses RosettaNet's Partner Interface Processes TM (PIPs®) for information exchange and integration between trading partners' enterprise systems. The key PIPs implemented by Xiao Tong facilitate real-time updates to order status, pricing and product information and eliminate dual order entry.

"The collaboration between Cisco and Xiao Tong clearly demonstrates how trading partners within the supply chain are leveraging RosettaNet standards to accelerate B2B integration in the industry," said Jennifer Hamilton, CEO of RosettaNet. "In addition, this first acknowledged deployment in China speaks to the global adoption of RosettaNet, and ultimately, the benefits common electronic business process standards offer in transcending regional boundaries."