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Cisco Announces the Cisco Advanced ATM Multiservice Portfolio

New Multiservice Switches and Integrated IP Services Gateway Protect Service Provider Investment and Increase Network Availability and Application Density
May 13, 2002

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 13, 2002 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced an advanced ATM Multiservice Portfolio, or AAMP. Cisco AAMP introduces the Cisco MGX 8950 multiservice switch, the Cisco MGX 8830 multiservice switch and the Cisco Route Processor Module XF (RPM-XF). The Cisco MGX and Cisco BPX, combined with these new platforms give Cisco AAMP switching capacity scaling from 1.2 Gbps to 180 Gbps. Cisco AAMP offers unmatched application density and availability, giving service providers control over the pace of network evolution and flexibility in deployment of new services.

Cisco AAMP lowers the Total Cost of Ownership for service providers with common hardware, software and management, multiservice agility and seamless interoperability with ATM or MPLS core, using the Cisco Virtual Switch Architecture (CVSA). This allows service providers to deploy a highly scalable mix of traditional layer 2 services such and frame relay and ATM and emerging services such as IP VPNs and Packet Voice. Cisco AAMP has exceeded 99.999% measured network availability in some of the largest data networks in the world.

"Cisco is committed to providing our service provider customers with carrier class systems that offer revenue-generating services for increased productivity and profitability," said John Chambers, president and CEO of Cisco Systems. "We are responding to the needs of our customers with innovative new solutions that help service providers transform their business models and speed delivery of a highly available converged network."

The Cisco MGX 8950 scales carrier networks by providing 10 Gbps ATM interfaces, a 180 Gbps redundant switching fabric and superior broadband density. Combining standards support with Cisco's continued ASIC innovation, the Cisco Europa chip set supports the high broadband density and features for full 10 Gbps bandwidth utilization.

"We are continuing to grow our national and European network, while expanding our service offerings," said Stefano Pileri, vice president of networking at Telecom Italia. "The MGX family gives us the ability to seamlessly add IP and packet voice services, while at the same time allowing us to scale our broadband networks based on DSL and fiber access."

The Cisco MGX 8830 allows service providers to extend their networks to remote locations where size, cost and power utilization are constrained. The MGX 8830 combines a 1.2 Gbps switching fabric, broadband ATM interfaces and processors in a single processor switch module, using space very efficiently. Cisco's ATM Modular Optics allow service providers to add a combination of broadband ATM interfaces in a hot pluggable mode as required, optimizing capital expenditures.

The Cisco Route Processor module is a seamlessly integrated IP services gateway for Cisco AAMP, utilizing the Cisco IOS software and powered by the Cisco PXF adaptive processing for highest performance. With IP-enabled Services on Any Port (ISAP), service providers can up-sell IP services like MPLS VPN and VoIP to existing customers with traditional Layer 2 services like Frame Relay or ATM. This integration on a single chassis offers space, cost and provisioning advantages to service providers.


The Cisco MGX 8950 is currently available. The Cisco MGX 8830 and the Cisco Route Processor Module-XF (RPM-XF) are planned to be available in July.

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