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Caravelle Hotel breaks new ground in Vietnam with high-speed broadband Ethernet service powered by Cisco Systems in every room

Long-Reach Ethernet network supported by VDC is the first deployment of new Cisco technology in the country
Feb 21, 2002

HOCHIMINH CITY, Vietnam - 21 February, 2002 - Caravelle Hotel, Hochiminh City's premier hotel, has raised its level of customer service even higher with the country's first implementation of Cisco Systems' Long-Reach Ethernet (LRE) technology. Supported by a leased line from the Vietnam Datacommunication Company, the Caravelle's LRE network provides hotel guests with high-speed broadband Ethernet access at speeds of between 5 and 15 Mbps.

LRE technology from Cisco Systems extends Ethernet capability to multi-tenanted buildings, such as hotels and offices, not wired up with Category 5 cable, high-grade wiring that allows native Ethernet connections throughout a building. Saving costs on expensive rewiring, LRE technology encapsulates Ethernet packets for robust, high-frequency transmission over existing telephone wiring, and extends the distance reach from 100 meters for traditional Ethernet over copper to up to 5,000 feet (1,524 meters).

"LRE is a revolutionary networking technology that creates valuable opportunities for service providers to deliver high-speed access based on cost-effective, robust Ethernet technology," said Ha Huy Hao, Chief Representative, Cisco Systems Vietnam. "LRE enables the high-bandwidth services that users want over existing telephone wiring, which in turn saves significant service provider time and expense. This deployment in Caravelle Hotel with the support of VDC is a significant milestone in the development of the Internet in Vietnam and will be a showcase for high-speed Internet access in the country."

Said Pham Thanh Ha, Deputy General Director of the Caravelle Hotel: "Ninety per cent of our customers are businessmen who appreciate value-added services like high-speed Internet access. Caravelle Hotel is honored to be the first establishment in the country to showcase Cisco's LRE technology. This is a breakthrough not only for the hospitality industry but the whole country."

VDC, the leading Internet communications provider in Vietnam, provided its support not only with the leased line but also the skills and expertise to set up the network. "Cisco's LRE technology is very exciting because it enables us to provide high-speed access to existing buildings quickly and cost-effectively without extensive rewiring. VDC provides access to 65 per cent of all Internet users in the country and we want to continue to lead and innovate as the demand for high-speed Internet access grows," said Truong Hoai Trang, Director of VDC.

Benefits of Long-Reach Ethernet

LRE significantly broadens the applications for Ethernet technology. Ethernet is a standards-based, highly regarded networking topology with 750 million ports shipped over the past two decades. With LRE, Ethernet is now expanding from being the predominant corporate LAN access technology to being a universal access technology. Long-Reach Ethernet features include:

7 Low cost - Ethernet is generally recognized as the most cost-effective networking technology available. Not only is an Ethernet-based switching platform relatively inexpensive, particularly when compared to an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switching fabric, but LRE technology enables Ethernet to also run over existing, unconditioned telephone-grade wire that is already widely deployed. In addition, LRE transmissions are able to coexist with Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), advanced Private Branch Exchange (PBX), or ISDN signaling services over the same pair of ordinary copper wires, and can be provisioned in the same wire bundle as ADSL. So, service providers can take advantage of their existing networking and telecommunications infrastructures in conjunction with LRE, providing broadband services for a very low overall cost

7 High speed - The Cisco LRE solution is highly flexible, featuring several unique modes to serve different types of customers. This capability allows service providers to offer tiered levels of service at distinct price points. LRE modes include:
o 5-Mbps symmetric rate (up to 5,000 feet)
o 10-Mbps symmetric rate (up to 4,000 feet)
o 15-Mbps symmetric rate (up to 3,500 feet)

7 Robust capabilities - LRE allows the real-time, simultaneous transmission of data, voice, and video for integrated applications such as IP telephony, video streaming, or multicasting. Thus, it enables the services sought most today by users who want a high-bandwidth solution. Moreover, LRE can provide an additional revenue stream for hotels, apartments, and office buildings - and well as service providers - that offer these value-added services to users.

About Vietnam Datacommunication Company (VDC)

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About Caravelle Hotel

Caravelle Hotel is the unique five star hotel in Hochiminh City which was selected as the most luxurious hotel by Vietnam Economic Times. It is also awarded with highest quality of service by ENTREE and Asia Travel

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