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TDC Tele Danmark Extends Corporate Network Services with Cisco Systems

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, January 16, 2002 - Cisco Systems
Jan 16, 2002

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, January 16, 2002 - Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO), the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, announced today that TDC Tele Danmark, the incumbent and leading provider of communications services in Denmark, is expanding its penetration of the corporate network services market, both in Denmark and abroad, based on Cisco technology.

Under its contract with Cisco, TDC Tele Danmark , its affiliates and subsidiaries can purchase an unlimited number and range of Cisco technologies. Specifically, however, that the telecommunications provider will be looking to bolster its capacity in areas such as Internet protocol (IP) core, fixed and remote access, broadband aggregation and voice over IP (VoIP), to cater for growth in services to corporate customers.

Cisco is uniquely positioned to provide a range of router families that can cater for all network capacities, favored by many of TDC Tele Danmark's bigger corporate customers. Critically, Cisco is able to offer TDC Tele Danmark a suite of products that provide fully-featured Quality of Service (QoS) controls at both the core and the edge of networks - an essential requirement for the supply of modern corporate networking applications.

At the top end and with its unique, modular distributed system architecture, the Cisco 12000 Internet Routers offer the industry's only 10-Gigabit portfolio and leads the industry with the only proven investment protection, the highest backbone and edge performance and priority packet delivery. The Cisco 12000 Series is the premier Internet routing platform for service provider backbone and high-speed edge applications and helps enable service providers to meet the challenge of building IP networks to satisfy customer demands while increasing profitability.

For its DSL service offering TDC Tele Danmark is deploying Cisco's 7200 Series routers from Cisco's Broadband Aggregation Portfolio, a scalable offering of broadband aggregation features that are uniquely integrated, via Cisco's Internet Operating System, into multiple Cisco Internet routers. The Danish telecommunications firm has already deployed the 7200 series routers for its aggregation, which provide industry-leading flexibility for the deployment of IP routing services with integrated broadband aggregation features.

In order to meet the demand for remote access services at low cost, TDC Tele Danmark has over the last three and a half years deployed the Cisco AS5300 Universal Gateway and the AS5400 Universal Gateways, which are the highest-density, carrier-class access servers on the market. Cisco AS5000 gateways combine high-density and a rich feature set to cost-effectively enable voice and dial.

Finally, TDC Tele Danmark's network infrastructure requirements will also call for a number of high-performance Cisco 7500 Series Routers, which remain the market leaders due to their breadth of advanced support for local and wide area network services, redundancy, reliability and performance.

Peder Xstermark Andreasen, TDC Tele Danmark's president said: "As the leading Danish provider of communications services TDC Tele Danmark look forward to offering our customers the technologies provided to us by Cisco. We are confident that the agreement will enable us to continue our ambitious business development. Cisco understands where our business is heading and is able to deliver the infrastructures that our customers need. Their end-to-end solution ensures the investment protection needed for future developments to meet our customer's growing business needs and expectations."

Todd Abbott, Group Vice President, Cisco Systems EMEA: "We believe this ongoing strategic relationship will help keep TDC Tele Danmark at the forefront of the delivery of new IP-based services, both in Denmark and elsewhere."