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Cisco Extends Catalyst 4000 Switching Platform with Next Generation Capabilities

Industry Leader Raises Bar for Modular Ethernet Access with Optimal Control for Converged Networks
Jan 29, 2002

COMNET - Booth # 826

WASHINGTON, DC - January 29, 2002 - Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced the Supervisor Engine III for the Catalyst® 4006 series of switches, which offers enhanced control over converged voice, video and data networks. As a result, Enterprise and Metro Ethernet customers with the Catalyst 4000 can quickly and cost-effectively roll out converged networks that deliver Internet Protocol (IP) data, streaming video, telephony, and other Internet-based business applications to boost productivity and organizational flexibility.

"Once again Cisco is setting the pace in the industry with the introduction of the Catalyst 4006 Supervisor Engine III," stated Joel Conover, senior analyst at Current Analysis. "The new engine raises the bar for enterprise wiring closet switching performance and functionality, and provides phenomenal investment protection for Cisco customers. The performance and control found in the new Catalyst switching engine redefines the expectations for intelligent network services in the wiring closet."

The Catalyst 4006 Supervisor Engine III is the control module that defines and delivers all operational capabilities of the Catalyst 4000 platform. A key component of Cisco's Architecture for Voice Video and Integrated Data (AVVID), the Catalyst 4000 is a family of scalable modular switches that extend network control from the backbone to the network edge. The Catalyst 4006 Supervisor Engine III integrates multi-layer switching capabilities to deliver control in the form of intelligent network services including sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS), non-blocking Layer 2/3/4 switching, advanced security and comprehensive management - each of which is required to realize the business benefits associated with running a converged network.

"Adding the Catalyst 4006 Supervisor Engine III modules to the Catalyst 4000 switches gave us the ability to efficiently deploy network services with greater security and control," said Ying-Yuang Chen, principal network architect at Carnival Cruise Lines, the largest and most popular cruise line in the world.

Carnival moved to a converged IP (Internet Protocol) network to fully maximize the value of their network infrastructure, lowering overall costs and simplifying their network management structure as part of an ongoing cost management strategy. As with all converged IP-based networks, Carnival needed a switching infrastructure that could differentiate traffic types and handle each according to its own unique requirements with comprehensive management and security.

Chen explained, "The Catalyst 4006 Supervisor Engine III gave us an integrated package with the Layer 3 security and Layer 4 quality of service capabilities that make it easier to manage point-to-point voice and data traffic and quickly introduce new network-wide services and applications in a controlled manner."

Catalyst 4006 Supervisor Engine III Features and Benefits

The Catalyst 4006 Supervisor Engine III is a Cisco IOS-based platform, offering feature rich end-to-end services and designed for interoperability with Cisco platforms. Compatible with all Catalyst 4000 switching line cards, the Catalyst 4006 Supervisor Engine III provides enhanced investment protection for the Catalyst 4000 installed base, extending the deployment life of the platform.

Key Catalyst 4006 Supervisor Engine III features include:

· Sophisticated QoS: Integrated Layer 2/3/4-based QoS and traffic management capabilities classify and prioritize mission-critical and time-sensitive traffic based on 32,000 QoS policies. The system has the ability to shape and rate-limit bandwidth-intensive traffic with mechanisms such as input and output policers based on user, network and application information.

· Predictable performance: Wire-speed 48 Mpps forwarding rate in hardware for both Layer 2 and Layer 3/4 traffic. Switching performance is independent of the number of route entries or advanced Layer 3 services enabled.

· Advanced security: Supports 32,000 wire-rate Layer 2/3/4 access lists, and includes other advanced security capabilities such as user authentication and client security.

· Comprehensive management: Web-based management for the configuration and control of all ports resulting in fewer network management elements overall.

Pricing and Availability

The Catalyst 4006 Supervisor Engine III is available now for $14,995. The Catalyst 4006 Chassis, with Supervisor Engine III and 2 AC (Alternating Current) power supply bundle is $19,995. For more information, please visit