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Nanyang Polytechnic and Cisco Systems open new lab to develop applications for converged voice, video and data networks

NYP-Cisco IP Convergence Lab will be the first in Asia
Nov 13, 2001

NYP-Cisco IP Convergence Lab will be the first in Asia Pacific to focus on Internet Business Solutions and integrated voice, video and data communications

SINGAPORE -- 13 November 2001 -- The local Infocomm industry received a boost today when Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and Cisco Systems officially opened a new laboratory which will focus on developing IP (Internet Protocol) applications and innovative Internet business solutions for converged networks. The NYP-Cisco IP Convergence Lab will be the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific.

The ability to integrate voice, video and data traffic on converged networks provides businesses with tremendous competitive advantages. Converged networks help companies reduce administrative costs, provide more flexible application deployments to the desktop, boost personal and workgroup productivity and provide exceptional customer care to their clients.

To help businesses in Singapore and the region take advantage of converged networks, the NYP-Cisco IP Convergence Lab, co-funded by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), strives to boost local competencies in IP convergence technologies through training and education, joint Infocomm development and professional consultancy for turnkey applications.

The lab will also become a Pilot And Trial Hotspots (PATH) Assessment Centre. PATH is a S$48 million initiative by the IDA to accelerate the development of innovative Infocomm infrastructure, applications and products by supporting pilot testing and trials in emerging technologies.

The initiative will also help local IT companies develop applications for converged networks, in partnership with the new IP Convergence Lab. Part of this will involve a "go to market" strategy for new solutions developed in the lab, and training for local partners.

"The IP Convergence Lab brings together NYP's wide range of development capabilities in infocomm technology and Cisco's expertise and leadership in IP technologies," said Mr Edward Ho, Deputy Principal/Technology, NYP. "Through this set-up, we can expect more exciting projects with local developers in IP applications for new e-business solutions."

One of the applications currently being developed at the IP Convergence Lab is a new IP solution for the hospitality industry that will enable services such as light control, climatic control, room services, infotainment services besides fax, voicemail, e-mail and wireless IP phones to be integrated with the back-end system used in hotels. This will make it possible to offer integrated and seamless services via a single network, for easier access and billing while providing rich user experience.

Other applications expected to emerge from the Lab include solutions for Internet-powered homes and offices, stock trading directly from Cisco IP Phones, digital rights and content delivery management and interactive broadband and multimedia communications that include collaborative development systems.

"As converged networks become much more widely adopted worldwide, Singapore-based companies will need IP solutions to compete both at home and abroad," said Mr Lou Mc Elwain, Cisco Systems Vice President of Asia Pacific Field Sales Operations. "As well as rolling out IP solutions designed to meet the needs of local companies, the new lab will help local software firms get up to speed on IP technology. Cisco is a leading player in IP-based technologies and converged networks, and our partnership with Nanyang Polytechnic will enable us to support and share our expertise with local IT developers and business users."

"Competency centers play a crucial role in strengthening and fostering close collaborations among leading global MNCs known for their leadership in a particular infocomm technology, our Institutes of Higher Learning, and our local companies. Pooling technological expertise of world leaders and coupling it with an in-depth understanding of user demands will boost our local expertise and drive greater innovation and adoption in key technologies," said Mr Khoong Hock Yun, Assistant Chief Executive, Infocomm Development of IDA. "Through the activities of the IP Convergence Lab, we hope to see more innovative and exciting applications on converged networks. This is another step forward in our desire of Singapore becoming a vibrant innovation hub and test bed for new technologies."

The new lab will use the latest XML (Extensible Markup Language) and IP Convergence technologies and leverage Cisco's AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data) to develop new Internet business solutions, including IP telephony for unified messaging and customer care, content delivery for rich media, e-learning, and supply chain management.

In addition to developing turnkey applications, the lab will also provide application-porting services to the Cisco AVVID platform and incubation services for the local market as well as provide training for the local development community. The lab will provide hands-on training on application development using IP Convergence technologies and the Cisco AVVID platform.

Software developers who work with the NYP-Cisco IP Convergence Lab can also be a part of the recently launched Cisco AVVID Partner Program, an interoperability testing and co-marketing program that enables customers anywhere in the world to implement verified e-business solutions.

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