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Commonwealth Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business first to distribute high speed video nationally using Cisco solution

More than 2,500 staff benefiting from access to Video on Demand to the desktop and Videoconferencing over Internet Protocol
Nov 01, 2001

CANBERRA, Australia -- 1 November 2001 -- The Commonwealth Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business (DEWRSB) will provide video broadcast and on-demand video services to staff members nationwide using the Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) Solution from Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet.

DEWRSB will be the first Australian Government agency to deliver such an extensive and interactive communications service to a national team, providing high-speed video to more than 2,500 desktop computers. Using the Cisco ECDN solution, each user will be able to receive high quality broadcast news and announcements, access video content on-demand, and participate in videoconferences.

Cisco IP/TV, a component of the Cisco ECDN solution, is a video-over-Internet Protocol (IP) solution, which enables the delivery of live, scheduled, and on-demand video content direct to end users' computers. With the Cisco ECDN, organizations can broadcast ('push') content to a large number of users or allow individuals to request ('pull') video content when they want it. By using network-efficient multicast technology, content can be transmitted even to sites with low bandwidth connections.

Cisco Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Terry Walsh, said the flexibility of Internet Protocol was allowing more organizations to deliver and manage content such as video over local or wide area networks.

"With Cisco's ECDN solution, DEWRSB will be able to send video content to its regional offices overnight when bandwidth usage is low. The Cisco ECDN provides a cost-effective solution that allows the staff to be updated on important news, events and developments within the department," Mr Walsh said.

The Department's Cisco IP/TV solution has been integrated into the existing network built on Cisco's Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data (AVVID). AVVID allows data, voice and video to be transmitted over a single, IP network, providing a base for the ready deployment of new multimedia services.

"The Department adopted Cisco's AVVID architecture over a year ago so that we could keep adding multimedia applications to the infrastructure over time," said Mr Ian Rose, Director Communications & IT Security, DEWRSB.

The Department has more than 30 offices and 2,500 staff in each state and territory, with national headquarters in Canberra. It works to support and assist employees and small businesses, as well as managing the extensive Job Search service.

"As the new network is introduced, it will not matter if staff are in Geraldton, Western Australia, or in Cairns, Queensland, they will be able to participate in video conferences with desktop video conferencing units, and access high quality video on demand," Mr Rose said.

DEWRSB will use the network's new multicasting capabilities to distribute induction videos, training videos and relevant footage from the House of Representatives. It will also broadcast the Department's multimedia magazine.

The Cisco ECDN consists of a Cisco Content Distribution Manager in the national office and Cisco Content Engines at each office. The Cisco IP/TV solution comprises Cisco IP/TV Control servers, Broadcast servers and Archive servers. Video conferencing is enabled by Cisco Multipoint Control Units, and Cisco IP/VC Gateways to interface legacy videoconferencing systems. Polycom endpoints were selected by DEWRSB.

"Cisco's solution has provided the network scalability for the Department to offer these IP-based applications," Mr Walsh said. "AVVID is an end-to-end solution – applications that require managed bandwidth and quality of service (QoS) can be supported from their headquarters to regional offices."


The Commonwealth Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business aims to support strong employment growth and the improved productive performance of enterprises in Australia. The department does this by directing its energies towards achieving four interrelated Government outcomes that are relevant to all Australians: an efficient and equitable labour market that links people to jobs and promotes the transition from welfare to work fair and flexible workplace relations at the enterprise level an improved operating environment for small business on-line access to government information and services relating to employment and business. See for further information.

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