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Cisco Demonstrates Industry's First Converged CMTS Platform Supporting Data, Voice, and Video Services

November 19, 2001
Nov 19, 2001

Who:Cisco Systems, Inc.

What:At the Western Show 2001, Cisco Systems will be the first company to demonstrate the convergence of data, voice, and video services on a single platform. The demonstration will showcase the ability of its industry leading uBR CMTS/Router family to support distribution of high-quality digital video content for the cable industry's on-demand services. Cisco will provide the first glimpse into the advantages and value of migrating legacy cable video distribution networks to an IP infrastructure.

Utilizing a converged solution, MSOs can take advantage of the inherent routing capability of IP networks to improve the efficiency of their digital video networks and accommodate growth in their digital video services. The availability of Cisco IP Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms and IP network scalability and performance will enable the cable service provider to deploy a single multiservice network with unrivaled flexibility and functionality.

By integrating advanced video processing capabilities with world-class internetworking and DOCSIS technologies, Cisco's multi-service solution will provide cable operators flexibility in creating video channel lineups with local ad insertion, support interactive services such as Video on Demand (VoD) and T-commerce, and apply intelligent network services, including IP Multicast, to deliver advanced broadcast services such as Dynamic Digital Tier services.

In addition to its multi-service platform demonstration, Cisco will be featuring products and solutions for advanced spectrum management, OSS, commercial services, open access, QoS, and PacketCable.

As the market leader in CMTS deployments, Cisco was the first company to integrate voice and data on a single Cable IP network and now is on the forefront of integrating advanced digital video onto the same network. Visit the Cisco booth to see an interactive demonstration showing how the Internet is changing the way people live, work, play, and learn.

When: Western Cable Show, November 27-30, 2001

Where: Booth #1020, Anaheim Conference CenterFor press or analysts at the show who would like to meet with Cisco Systems executives, please contact Kawal Johal at (408) 525-7901 or