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Hudson's Bay Company and Cisco Systems Announce Alliance Business Agreement

HBC continues pursuit of North American retail showcase goal through unique alliance relationships with leading technology suppliers
Oct 02, 2001

TORONTO, ON - October 2, 2001 - Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) today announced it has reached a business agreement with Cisco Systems Canada on an innovative technology alliance relationship to drive HBC's progression as an E-enabled retail leader. Similar to the alliance relationship HBC announced in July 2000 with IBM Canada Ltd., Microsoft Canada Co., and Oracle Corporation Canada Inc., the Company continues to seek out unique relationships with best-of-class enablers dedicated to establishing HBC as a North American retail showcase.

Within these alliance relationships, member match their core competencies to HBC's strategic IT initiatives, enhancing HBC's ability to quickly and efficiently deploy enterprise-wide integration of the next-generation technology solutions and renovate its system portfolio. For Cisco Systems Canada this will include internetworking hardware and software for the entire enterprise. The resulting technology solutions will impact HBC throughout its organization, including operations, communications, associate productivity, customer relationship management, merchandising, marketing and e-commerce.

"Cisco is a tremendous addition to the roster of technology solution providers that have joined us in an alliance relationship," said David Poirier Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, HBC. "Cisco's industry-leading technology, extensive practical experience deploying Internet-based solutions and thought leadership on retail industry technology direction will help us realize our goal of becoming an e-enabled retail leader in North America and a showcase for the retail industry."

"We look forward to working with HBC as a trusted advisor within the unique alliance relationship to help Canada's largest department store retailer become an e-business leader and innovator," said Pierre-Paul Allard, Managing Director, Cisco Systems Canada Co. "The Internet and networked applications are driving unprecedented productivity and efficiency gains across the enterprise. There are tremendous opportunities for forward thinking companies such as HBC to reinvent themselves as more dynamic, customer-centric and competitive businesses."

Driving quality technology solutions

The HBC alliance relationships with leading technology suppliers, first announced in July 2000, is an innovative model designed to develop quality technology solutions to meet HBC's wide e-business strategy. Currently HBC has alliance relationships with IBM Canada Ltd., Microsoft Canada Co., Oracle Corporation Canada Inc and Cisco Systems Canada. The goal of these unique partnerships is to meet HBC's technology goals quickly and economically. The selected vendors will match their core competencies and leading technologies to HBC's strategic IT initiatives and system renovation plans according to a technology footprint that identifies the solutions to be provided by each alliance member. It is intended that the initiatives to be implemented under the alliance mandate will be addressed by the end of 2002.

The alliance business model enables HBC to pursue its e-business goals under competitive terms, while streamlining its planning, evaluation, acquisition and implementation activities. The business arrangement will permit Cisco, to deliver the technology solutions required as "preferred suppliers" within HBC's defined "footprint" of technology applications.

A core component of the alliance concept is the commitment from all members to work cooperatively and collectively on the establishment of HBC as an e-business leader in North America, providing the technology companies with a showcase for their capabilities targeted to the retail industry.

About Hudson's Bay Company

Hudson's Bay Company, established in 1670, is Canada's largest department store retailer and oldest corporation. The Company provides Canadians with the widest selection of goods and services available through retail channels that include more than 500 stores led by the Bay and Zellers chains. Hudson's Bay Company employs 70,000 associates and has operations in every province in Canada.

About Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. News and information are available at

About Cisco Systems Canada

Cisco Systems Canada Co. has field offices across Canada dedicated to customer support, sales, and service. In addition, Cisco Systems has a significant research and development centre in Ottawa, Ontario.

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